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Thank you to the Little Shop of Horrors crew

Thank you to all the adults who made the school-community play possible. It was a great show and a great event to be part of last Thursday and Friday night. Thanks to: Hank Hastings, Kevin Heshedahl, Rowan Tichenor, Will Brelisford, Larry Zaleski, Susie O’Donnell, Rachelle Champagne, Sally Hammond, Luce Paquin, Leah Main, Kelly Roberts, Teresa Steenhoff, Jeff Pilsner, Brian Stolle, Aiko Jackson, Jay Buttle, Burgin Jacobs, Gretchen Park, Jane Murphy, Morgen Bardati, Martha Nichols, Lori Macmillan, Terri Freeman, Al Arnett, Nikta Boroumand, Ana Bokstrom, Sean Butler, Chris Bokstrom, Jon Sherrod, Jodi Grierson, Nadine Reynolds, Julia Greenlaw, Katrina Sumrall, Marie Hunder, Peter Radford, Linny Lamarch, Adam Marvy, Jeff Bustard, Gary Wright and Chiyoko Reitmeier.

Well done to the students at Lucerne who were on stage or part of the stage crew: Sadye Butler, Sylus Warren, Charlotte Farrell, Aja Reinhart, Danika Hammond, Kyla Smutny, Niko Gallas, Ethan Grierson and Atli Bokstrom.