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PAC October meeting minutes

October 4, 2011
Present: Paula, Alison, Terri, Theresa, Angie, Elaine, Rhonda, Anita, Carol, Beth, Natasha,
Motion to convene at 7:08pm from Paula, seconded by Anita.
Election of Officers:
• Paula nominated for Chair, by Angie.
• Theresa nominated for Secretary, by Katrina.
• Anita volunteers to be Treasurer.
• Angie nominated for Vice-Chair, by Paula.
It’s noted that all parents are Directors of PAC, and any that are present at meetings can vote on
motions; quorum of five needed.
DPAC (our district PAC) meets 3X year, in Nakusp, and we need two members of our executive
to attend (Is this correct? Natasha asks if we really need two.) Angie volunteers.
Motion by Paula to OK nominations, and adjourn the AGM at 7:13pm, all in favour.
Regular PAC Meeting
Regular PAC Meeting convenes at 7:15pm.
All present as above; Carla arrives.
Minutes of June 17, 2011 accepted, all in favour.
Addition to agenda:
Elaine, girls’ volleyball funding.
BCTF: Paula lists numerous workshop topics offered by the Teachers Federation (eg. computer
literacy), we can decide which to go for if we want – may have to coordinate with other district
PACs to garner enough interest for BCTF to come.
School Trustee Report: Carol offers to ‘walk away’ if anyone wants to be the local Trustee (work
in consultation with the Superintendent, and works on policy.)
BC School Trustees are working on the education funding formula with the Ministry, carbon
emissions goals, ‘a variety of things.’ There is an Academy for new trustees held in December,
A new Superintendent is being sought, as Walter Posnikoff is retiring after many years teaching
and managing in our district. DPAC will have input along with other stakeholder groups.
There is a proposal to bring under the Ministry of Education, all the programs relating to early
childhood education.
Principal’s Report
Head count to the Ministry: 83. Eight new students in the secondary school.
Both field trips – the canoe trip, and Drumheller — were a success. Students were well behaved, and parents supportive. ‘Thanks’ to all!
Natasha described the Pro-D day at end of August: teachers had workshops on our ‘Digital
Footprint’, one branch being the social-media aspect, the other internet safety and awareness.
Regarding the teacher job action, Natasha reports that the school administration and staff cannot
officially meet, but teaching is going on in classrooms as usual.
Natasha encourages parents to openly communicate with her by email, phone calls, notes; she
will contact you back asap.
Alison inquires re: computers-and-kids policy. Natasha agrees it is old and needs updating; it is
the school district’s policy. Carla asks if the policy and rules can be written to be understood by
all. Paula will put this topic on the next agenda, given the broad interest.
Financial Report
PAC has three accounts:
LINK (Ministry of Education, Learning Includes Nutrition and Knowledge)
Balance: $4844.64
Balance: $2887.10 (includes September allotment)
Writers` Fest
Balance: $286.86
PAC has $375. from an old CBT grant – KSCU breakfast program — to be deposited into
Natasha has the invoice for student planners: total to be paid to LESS out of LINKS, $414.96.
New Business
Soup program: Elaine moves to put $500 from LINK, to cover until December, Carla seconded,
All in favour. Harvest Festival is this week, so the soup program will begin October 14. Paula
makes list of volunteers to help dish out soup: Elaine, Anita, Angie, Theresa, and Terri.

Breakfast Program
Natasha says there are no plans this year yet. KSCU comes in and cooks and serves the students
a hearty breakfast, once a month. Students love it, and KSCU clearly loves doing it. There is
$375. left over, with additional $775 from LESS, we could commit to doing this in 2011-2012.
Katrina moves to have a breakfast program this school year, Anita seconds, All in favour.
Sufferfest Athletes
Katrina describes an excellent event (not what she had expected) in Kaslo. 6 students partook in
running and mountain biking events, and we had some medal winners!
It was $35. for kids to register. Could PAC pay part of the fees out of gaming funds? Katrina
suggests $20. per student. Elaine moves to accept this proposal 6×20=$120., Beth seconded, All
in favour.
Katrina would like to take more students next year. The SPC (School Planning Council) have
discussed supporting more individual sports, because of our lack of team opportunities.
Harvest Festival
Thursday, October 6, 9:30-12:30. Students will be planting 8 trees, making soup, pressing
apples. Katrina needs help with soup, and needs more apples. Daniel Sherrod will give a bear
talk, and Kevin Murphy will talk about the greenhouse.
DPAC – District Parent Advisory Council
Paula is stepping down as representative. Committee meets 1x month in the Board office in
Nakusp. The most important thing DPAC is doing currently is deciding on a new District
Carol says makeafuture.com has been contracted to find candidates – the process can be seen on
the website. If we have any suggestions for criteria, pass them on to Paula.
Girls’ Volleyball
October 5 tournament at JV Humphries in Kaslo, as well two other tournaments within five
weeks, all away. Elaine is asking for help with gas and snacks for the team, $200. Beth makes
the motion to approve, Anita seconds. Katrina moves to up amount to $250., given what she
knows about the costs of this kind of travel, All in favour. Funds to come out of LINK.
Meeting Times
First Wednesday of the month, at 4:30pm, is the consensus. Next meeting, Wednesday,
November 2nd, 4:30pm.
PAC Bulleting Board
A suggestion was made for a PAC bulletin board, to be posted somewhere in the school.
Communication between committee members, and parents (all are members of PAC), would be
improved by this. Will discuss next meeting.
Youth Grant
Beth says CBT has funds to direct at youth projects, targeting ages 12-19. There is a meeting
Wednesday, October 5, 7pm in the Library – the 1st of two or three. Beth is looking for ideas.
Aboriginal Committee
Carla is inviting people to inquire about their process, offer ideas. Currently 58 students identify
as aboriginal in our district. This affects funding, as there is more available to provide learning
and services to aboriginal students.
Anita moves to adjourn PAC meeting at 8:40, Angie seconded.