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PAC November 2nd Meeting’s Minutes

Present: Katrina, Terri, Natasha, Angie, Carol, Beth, Anita, Theresa, Terry, Paula, and Rhonda.

 Presentation to PAC – Rotary International

George Harding, NES principal (and past president of Rotary International) presented to PAC “The Four-Way Test” poster/banner. “The Four-Way Test” is part of the guiding principles of Rotary International and contains statements that are accessible to students and addresses issues such as bullying. He proposed to PAC to make a motion to display the banner in main hallway and posters in classrooms. It was suggested that the gym could be a great place to hang it as well. Theresa inquired the about the cost of posters/banner. George says there is no cost. Beth moved that PAC accept to endorse program. Angie seconded. All in favour. (Note: The staff have to agree  to this as well but presently, they cannot meet due to strike action).

 Reading of minutes

Paula read the minutes from the October meeting.  There were a few corrections from Natasha, Carol and Terry. Anita moved to accept minutes as amended in today’s meeting. Beth seconded. All in favour.

 Principal’s Report – Natasha

 Newsletter and Website

Natasha announced that the November school newsletter has been sent out via student planners. It has also been posted on the website. For any questions regarding content, go to the contact page and email Natasha or call her directly.

 Angie asked about website address. Beth commented on how convenient it is to access information such as newsletters from the website. Anita mentioned that the old website is still around and needs to be deleted.

 LESS Student Council

Student Council is ‘up and running’.  Council had their first successful Halloween Dance last Friday. The afternoon was good for K’s to 4’s. Natasha commented that that the school has too small a population for a traditional secondary dance. However, council did a ‘good job’. 

 New Event: Winter’s Feast – December 14

This event takes the place of the traditional Christmas concert/recital. It will be more of a celebration for everyone. Ideas are being discussed with Student Council, Natasha and staff.  Current discussions include the idea to serve turkey and parents will bring the sides and may include some different types of entertainment. Entertainment ideas are also being discussed and include: instrumental groups, teachers/staff performing a 20-minute skit; parents are also invited to do a skit. Student Council will spearhead this event. Natasha asked around for location ideas. The school gym is not suitable as adequate kitchen facilities and dishes and cutlery are needed for the dinner portion of the evening. Bosun Hall was mentioned (seats about 200). Silverton Memorial Hall was also mentioned.

 Job Action

BC teachers’ Job Action continues. Natasha cannot report on the latest news as she doesn’t currently know where it’s going. The upcoming conference in November 4 will provide more information on the job action. Report cards will be limited and will contain student attendance and their subjects. Grade 12’s report cards, however, will have more detail and contain percentages as they’re need for their transcripts.

 Trustee’s Report – Carol

 Carol reported that she attended the following meetings in October:

  • October 11 – Carol took Sadye and Cypress, who were our student representatives at Committee of the Whole monthly meeting in Nakusp.
  • October 20-21:
    • Education Committee in Vancouver – discussion of Coalition of Childcare Advocates of BC’s Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning
    • Aboriginal Education Committee – plenty of ideas and suggestions.
  • October 25 – Board Meeting (budget passed around);
    • Tech report – money in budget; LESS approved for a sliding compound mitre saw
    • Walter’s Report: There are 58 (self-claimed) aboriginal students in the school district; Discussion of internet guides “Personalized Learning in BC: Interactive Discussion Guide” (The guide is available online and is part of an ongoing dialogue to create an education system that enables BC students to meet their full potential); www.personalizedlearning is a site for parents and students alike to explore the delivery of education).

 Treasurer’s Report – Anita

Anita reported that PAC is eligible for the $250 School Board Grant and wondered how detailed the report/application should be. {?} said it is fairly informal and a balance sheet is not required.

According to the report, the amounts paid out for October = $1854.96  (Details will be available in the minutes binder).

Anita enquired about two invoices from Isabel Reitmeier ($100.60 and $94.00), whether it was for soup and if it was coming out of the LINK fund. Natasha thinks it’s a receipt and not a bill and is not relevant to the PAC account. With that info, Anita concluded that the total amount paid out should be adjusted ― adding back the $194.60 into the LINK fund, which will then affect the All Accounts total.

 As stated in the Treasurer’s Report here are the totals:

Link funds (Nov 2):            $3360.25 (add $194.60)

Gaming funds (Nov 2):       $2517.17

Writers Festival:                 $286.86

All accounts total:              $6164.28 {new total $6358.88? Anita needs to officially confirm/amend}

 Anita moved to accept the report with the amendments. Beth seconded. All in favour.

 BCTF presentations

Upcoming BCTF presentations for parents are as scheduled:

  • November 16 @ 6:30 pm –  Anti-Bullying
  • November 23 @ 6:30 pm – Internet Safety

 PAC members were willing to bake goodies for the event. Paula suggested getting it widely known using facebook, planners, and local flyers.

 CBT Youth Initiative Grant

Beth reported that there was ‘solid community support’ and participation at the meeting back in October. She received 17 letters of support and intention to participate. The grant application has been submitted to CBT and once she receives any news about the grant, Beth will let everyone know about the outcome.


Paula is stepping down as the Lucerne PAC representative. Angie has volunteered to take her place. Paula thanks Angie.

 Breakfast Program with KSCU

Kootenay Savings has indicated that they would like to work with us in providing and serving a nutritious breakfast to all our students each month. Their funding {what was the $ amount?} of this program is part of their commitment to the community.

 Bulletin Board

Last meeting it was mentioned that a PAC bulletin board may be good to have to post PAC minutes, parent-student info so parents and students can stay informed about what PAC is doing.  Katrina suggested that a few volunteers could get together one afternoon to rearrange photographs in the hallway and making space for such a board.

 Computer Policy

It was mentioned at the last meeting that the computer policy needs to be updated. The policy can be updated, said Carol and says it is the SB Trustee’s responsibility. Once the election is behind us, then it will be added to the their meeting agenda.

 New business – Upgrading/replacing school lighting

Julie Perry, a preschool parent, presented to PAC the idea of replacing existing school fluorescent light fixtures with lower energy, full spectrum lighting. She had asked the school superintendent Art Olson, Head of Maintenance and Operations, about replacing for the preschool room and he was ‘receptive’ to the idea.  Natasha queried about his receptiveness as he has said previously that it would be costly. Katrina made a motion for Julie to go ahead and further investigate into cost of installing fluorescents school-wide.

 Aboriginal Education

Terry Taylor reported on Aboriginal Education. Med Wolf [spelling?], an aboriginal culture instructor, is available to visit various classes this year. Med Wolf teaches students about traditions (such as story-telling and history) from a native perspective.

School Planning Council

Beth, Anita and Angie has joined the SPC.Next meeting: December 7, 2011 @ 4:30 pm