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PAC Meeting Minutes October 2012

Members Present: Natasha, Theresa, Beth, Katrina, Anita, and Julia.

Guests Present:  Ashley Barker, Denise Perry

Approval of meeting minutes

Minutes from last meeting in September reviewed. Motion: To approve minutes with corrections noted by Natasha. All in favour. Carried.


  • Treasurer’s Report was presented by Anita
    • Total balance:  $7537.93
    • Gaming deposit underestimated # of students (84), should be increased.
  • Invoice from Janet for garden maintenance for $128.45 reviewed. We had paid $200 in September from budgeted funds. Remainder was reviewed with motion to approve/seconded/carried.
  • Note that issue of responsibility for tree/shrub maintenance should be reviewed with district.
  • Anita motioned to approve financial statement, Julia seconded, all approved.


Principal’s Report

  • Staffing:
    • Ashley Barker has been hired as secondary school counselor, will be working on Fridays in that role.
    • Donna Hicks continuing as replacement for Patti Sebben.


  • Student Parent conferences
    • Will be held Oct. 25, earlier than report cards due to parent feedback.
    • Invitations will be sent home soon
    • At 6:30 on Oct. 25, there will be a webcast at LESS w/Bonnington about grad requirements, ministry want parent input


  • Secondary school will be working with SD20 and SD8, studying dystopic online circle: Making the World a Better Place


  • Aboriginal Literature circles with fiction and non-fiction for grades 4-12 will take place this year.


  • Playground committee met to discuss playground.  $50K budget is not much.  It will meet again next week.


  • 3 parents needed for School Planning Council.  Last year School Growth Plan was ratified differently due to teacher job action.  Focus is to help students.  Anita, Julia and Beth volunteered.  SPC will meet before mid-November


School Trustee’s Report

  • Carol noted corrections to Sept. 19 minutes:  Policy handbook for field trips was adopted in principle by SD10 Board of Education.  SD10 policies need to follow insurance requirements and those for safety of children
  • Committee has been struck to examine field trip policy.  Date TBA
  • DPAC Meet and Greet was a success, great opportunity to meet Denise Perry, new SD10 superintendent.
  • Budget question:  PACs can consult with principals as expenditures of surplus in budget.
  • Kootenay Boundary Branch of BCSTA met w/all SD10 trustees present.  New member elected for provincial education committee.  Will attend last one on Oct. 25-26.  Trustees will also attend BC Superintendent-sponsored conference on Nov. 14-17.


Old Business

Criminal Record Checks:  It is district policy that criminal record checks are required.  Policy requires parent volunteers to get a Criminal record check at the local RCMP office each year.  Cost is now $20 per year. District can’t cover costs. If someone gets provincial criminal record check, wouldn’t have to pay again for 5 years.  Katrina can provide link to online form.

Restorative Justice:  Ashley Barker spoke with with Restorative Justice expert Chris Berger to set up a workshop for our Secondary students.   Would require 4 Saturdays and cost $800, does not include cost of books ($25/book x 10-12 students).  Total cost likely to be $1,300.  Open to grades 7-12.  Would need 10-12 youth to commit to all 4 Saturdays. 

  • Suggestion of having it a sleepover (two weekends) because students are busy and booked.
  • Could be work experience hours, work credit.
  • Possibly invite other schools to participate?
  • Motion made to “agree in principle” for PAC to pay cost of $1,300 upon satisfactory number of students and scheduling. Seconded and approved.


New Business

Banff WordFest:  Terry Taylor’s writing class will be going to Banff for Oct. 12-14.  Compulsory part of course for 14 students grades 9-12.  Asking PAC to support with $600.  Katrina motioned to approve/Beth seconded, motion carried.

Non-writing activities:  Anita is concerned that activities that aren’t literacy-related aren’t getting funds.  She would like to see something engineering-related funded, for students who aren’t literary-minded.  Denise Perry stated that there will be a Level C Welding course offered at NSS from Jan to June in collaboration with Selkirk College. It will take place 2-3 days per week and prepare students for a career in the welding trade.  It will be available to all District 10 students.

Harvest Fest:  Harvest Fest is scheduled for October 5 from 9:30 to 12:30. It will have 6 stations instead of 8.  Maybe invite other schools next year?  Motion made by Katrina to provide $100 in additional funds for Harvest Fest.  Seconded and approved.

Insurance for PAC related activities:  Katrina shared that as long as an activity is sanctioned by PAC and has PAC involvement, it can be insured.  Could possibly apply to community soccer, which almost every student participates in.  Should check policies with School Protection Branch.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:26 pm.

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 7 @ 4:30 pm