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PAC Meeting Minutes November 2012

Approval of meeting minutes

Minutes from last meeting in October reviewed. Motion: To approve minutes with corrections noted by Natasha and Anita. All in favour. Carried.


Have $5,091.98 in Link funds

Only $1,237 left in gaming account

Received deposit from garage sale, $1,300 agreed in principle for retreat (peace)

Anita will apply for school board grant ($250).

Motion to accept/seconded/carried

Paula will ask Denise about link funds and will cc Natasha.

Principal’s Report

There will be two retreat style days for our secondary students this month to focus on mental health and wellness with them, supporting them in their anxieties, letting them know what support services there are for them and raising their awareness of their vulnerability on the internet on social media websites. Ashley Barker and Asia Garnett (secondary counsellor from NSS) will be the facilitators. This is being funded by the school’s budget, specifically the allocation to the school growth plan as one of the goals for the year is to enable students to achieve their potential if their emotional well-being is supported.

Eight secondary students have shown interest in the Conversation Peace peer mediation training that Ashley Barker has been planning with Chris Berger. This looks set to take place in December and students will gain credits if in grades 10-12 for their participation and their involvement throughout the coming year with other students. It is great to see so many students volunteering to help each other in this way. Thank you PAC for supporting this financially.

I have brought the report of frustrations of some parents about the new phone system to the monthly leadership meeting.  Reporting back to you, there have been a lot of teething problems from the technology side of the set up but they appear to have been ironed out. This is the system we have now so please do write the number somewhere you can access. All you have to do is phone 250 265 3638 then choose 3 then choose 0. You will reach Chiyoko directly. Do look at the October newsletter which is on our website for more details. Teachers are expected to check their voice mail each day and messages to them will be directed to their voice mail.

The playground team has met three times now and is close to selecting some new playground equipment. The $50 000 doesn’t go far and the choice is narrowing down to some climbing rocks, swings, a small zipline, a horizontal ladder and a circular horizontal ladder. We hope to keep what we have already especially if the dome can have its nuts and bolts covered up. However, it might be time to take out the teeter-totters as they are becoming a hazard and replace something at that location.

School Trustee’s Report

No trustee report.

Old Business

SPC: discussion about being on SPC, Bobbi-Jo Oldham interested, will replace Beth, Sandra Kleiss interested,  will replace Anita.  Julia interested.  PAC would like to have input into SPC. Katrina moved that BobbiJo, Sandra, and Julia are on SPC for 2012-13 school year.

Elaine motioned that PAC pay for childcare for SPC meetings, Julia seconded.

DPAC rep for LESS needed.  Meeting tomorrow night. Travel subsidy provided.  No one offering to participate.  If rotating shift as DPAC rep is the only solution, Paula, Anita, Beth, and Julia are willing to do it.

Ashley Barker reviewed the Conversation Peace program.  Nine high school students are interested.  Dates will be Dec. 8-10 at LESS.  No students from other schools have been invited/involved yet.  $1,300 has been agreed to in principle by PAC for expenses.  Ashley will look at costs and ask Natasha about school growth plan funding;  PAC could possibly cover costs that are not covered.

Harvest fest receipts total $188 but still missing $12 receipt.  Julia will find it.

New Business

Playground supervision:  needed for week of work experience… Julia will do Wednesday, Katrina will do Wednesday and Thursday.

PAC will cover childcare costs for meetings, $10 per hour minimum of 1 hour, 2 babysitters, half gym would be available. Katrina motions to approve funding, Julia seconds, approved.

Gas cards for help with travel expenses to other schools:  Katrina is asking PAC for $$ for gas for sports or other events… PAC donation will never pay entire cost but will help those who volunteer to drive.  She is proposing $25 gas cards x 7 trips for volleyball, running = $200 for past expenses.  Many other future activities coming up such as Gary Parkstrom’s history school trip to Castlegar, Could be paid out of Link funds… Anita motions to create transportation fund for $25 per trip for extracurricular activities, Elaine seconded it.  Motion approved.

Grad raffle:  Grads want 3-part raffle, to spend $600 and bring in $1200-1300. They want to run it through PAC and have proceeds come through PAC.  Katrina is asking that it be run through PAC.

Parent emails:  new emails will be added to PAC email list to broaden the knowledge of PAC activities among parents.

New phone number:  There have been lots of complaints about the new phone system. Some people have problems with the new system. Others don’t have a problem using it.  Complaints should be taken to Denise Perry, superintendent, with Patty Adams and Natasha cc’d.  Motion to write letter of complaint seconded and approved.  Julia will write the letter.

Meeting adjourned @ 5:50pm.

Next meeting: Wednesday, December 5 @ 4:30 pm