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PAC Meeting Minutes March 2012

PAC Minutes


 Present: Carol, Patty, Natasha, Terry, Jan, Beth, Paula, Theresa 

 Balanced School Year PowerPoint Presentation

Pattie Adam’s presentation on Balanced School Year was first on the agenda. Balanced school year takes the same instructional days and rearranging them in a school calendar. Pattie discussed several examples a balanced school year (where a few BC schools have implemented them) as well as the pros and cons. Her next goal is to present information to teachers/staff. Overall, it is up to the stakeholders (teachers, staff, parents, students) to decide whether our school is a good candidate for a balanced school year . For more information on balanced school year, email padam@sd10.bc.ca.

 Approval of meeting minutes

Motion (Natasha):  Approve meeting minutes with discussed further revisions. Beth seconded. All in favour. (CARRIED)

 Social Inclusion Workshop for Parents

Paula said that the workshop had a great turnout on February 23. There were two students that were hired to look after younger children that evening so parents can participate and we should pay the students as soon as possible for their services. 

Motion (Theresa): Pay the 2 students for their babysitting services during the Social Inclusion workshop at Lucerne. Beth seconded. All in favour. (CARRIED)

 Supervisors needed

Volunteer noon hour supervisors are needed after spring break until June. If a parent has an hour to spare, please contact Natasha at the school to volunteer.

 Books in hallway

Some good literature available to all in hallway by the preschool room. Staff have recently cleared out old books to make space for new books.

 Other agenda items: tabled for the next meeting. 

 Next meeting: April 4, 2012 at 4:30 pm