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PAC May Meeting Minutes

PAC Minutes May2nd 2012 4.30pm


Present: Natasha, Elaine, Angie, Carol, Katrina, Theresa, Paula, Carla, and Julia.

Approval of meeting minutes

Motion (Elaine):  Approve meeting minutes with amendments. Elaine seconded. All in favour. (CARRIED)

Principal’s Report

  • The May newsletter has been sent out. Kindergarten registrations are looking good and the student numbers may be enough for one K class. School staffing is currently being worked out and will have a better idea by the end of this month. As there will be approximately 50 students from Grades K-6, 7’s and 8‘s will join the Secondary section of the school. There will be room changes due to the new configurations in the next school year. The classrooms facing the school field will be reopened to accommodate
  • Writers Festival starts Monday. There are three workshops happening: Stuart Ross, George Littlechild, and Theatre with Mat Maitland and Jessica Robertshaw. Grades 6 & 7 have two options: theatre or paddling & poetry. On Friday, there is a coffeehouse at 6:30 at the Silverton Gallery.
  • The 2012-13 calendar is now posted on the website for parents planning the next school year.

School Trustee’s Report

  • April 13 – Attended the Social Planning Workshop in Castlegar
  • April 14-15: Attended the Arts & Sustainability workshop
  • Board meeting on the 10th:
    • Fate of Burton School discussed. Currently there are only 6 six children who will attend so unless there are more registrations, it will not be enough to keep the school open.
  • April 24th: Board meeting discussed budget figures and staff changes.
  • April 26 to May 1: (Vancouver, BC) – BCSTA AGM, 250 people attended, discussed Aboriginal Education. Education Meeting: need to work on social inclusion and connections.
  • A joint conference is being planned for November 15 that will include the Superintendent, School Trustees, Principals Association, and DPAC.

Social Inclusion Follow-up Meeting

  • Chris Berger (Restorative Justice/Counsellor) will be at the school May 30 at 7 pm. Parents are invited to attend and discuss social inclusion/anti-bullying. PAC discussed whether Chris would be interested in coming for a second meeting:
    • Motion (Julia): IF there is efficient interest for a meeting, then PAC to provide Chris with a $50 PetroCan gift certificate for her time/fuel. Angie seconded. All in favour (CARRIED).
  • Motion (Katrina): to pay the $20 for childcare from last Social Inclusion parent group meeting in April. Julia seconded. All in favour. (CARRIED)

Other agenda items

Earth Day motion: PAC to pay Lucerne School back $40 (Katrina). Seconded by Angie.

Mail: Funds from gaming grant ($428) must be spent by July 1. Katrina suggested using for year-end barbeque, and May 11 Writers Coffeehouse. Natasha suggested planners (about $450) for the Elementary School students. MOTION (Angie): The money is to be used for purchasing school planners for next school year. Seconded by Theresa.

Resolution #17 “Parent Choice Regarding Exposure to EMF Emissions”

This resolution is not asking to remove Wi-Fi from all schools, but to provide wireless-free schools of choice. There is a vote at the upcoming BCCPAC (BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) Annual General Meeting on May 26, 2012. Although she is aware that is is not unanimous, Paula wanted it communicated to DPAC that there are some parents (within Lucerne PAC) interested in having a choice and/or are concerned about EMF emissions and can support this resolution.

Meeting adjourned: 5:40 pm.

Next meeting: June 6, 2012 at 4:30 pm