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PAC March Meeting Minutes

PAC Minutes


Present: Carol, Anita, Elaine, Katrina, Rayn, Paula, Miranda, Julia, Scott, Theresa, Natasha, and Tom.

Reading of meeting minutes/Agenda

The minutes from the February meeting were read by Julia. Motion: Accept meeting agenda. (Scott/Elaine)

Treasurer’s Report (Anita)

$5,222.58 in the Regular/LINK account

$958.12 in the Gaming account

$6180.70 total PAC funds

Writer’s account: $1473.96 (not available to PAC) – This the grad committee fund.

Principal’s Report (Natasha)

Structural changes for SD10. Effective September 2014, Natasha Miles is transferring to Nakusp Secondary School. SD10 will be posting job ad for LESS Principal position internally and externally.

Two documents: “Exploring Curriculum Design” and “Defining Cross Curricular Competencies” from the Ministry of Education passed around.  Documents look at possible changes to provincial curriculum in 2014. Documents are currently at the draft stage. Natasha will send documents to any parents interested in reviewing them.

The Board discussed looking into the possible 4-day week school as proposed by Scott. The September timeline is too short but the school can start considering and discussion for the possibility of it in 2014. LESS staff to look at logistics after Spring Break.  Public meetings needed to discuss impact to staff, parents and community.

The website committee needs to be formed again to look at Home page photos. Updates to the Elementary and Secondary pages needed, in particular the photo gallery. Natasha agreed to look at forming the committee and will ask Carla and Danika regarding photos.

Trustee’s Report

COW (Committee of the Whole) meeting: Valhalla Fine Arts Society and Betty Kooznetsoff both made presentations which were supported by the Board. VFA’s for the summer music program and Betty for an after school and daycare program at Lucerne.  The Ministry of Education is recommending that school boards establish policies promoting the use of their property by licensed childcare programs.

The calendar approved by the Calendar Committee includes a two-week Spring break for 2014.

Old Business

Concern for highway crossing. Julia and Natasha met with highway BC staff regarding speeding concerns. Solutions proposed were: increasing the signage and painting both sides of road in the Spring. They also proposed to look at vegetation around the crossing and talk to Village re: reducing highway signage and talk to RCMP regarding concerns about vehicles speeding near the school crossing.

Update to Rec Commission – Katrina reported progress with talks with Rec commission #6 regarding liability insurance. Policy to cover activities in the school gym; possibly for community soccer as well.

District IT meeting – Paula says she is happy to forward meeting notes to interested parents.

New Business

Ski Program – Katrina proposed that PAC pay for the 4th ski day for Elementary students. Edgewood PAC had paid for the 4th day and Katrina agrees. Anita proposed to remind Rachelle in October to include when planning for next year’s ski program.

Grades 9-12 Outdoor Ed., a Board approved course. Elaine asked if PAC could cover extra costs required instead of students/parent being asked. Paula asked if it is in the school budget? Natasha said that there is money in the budget but no request has been asked by the teacher, Ric Bardati. Natasha will talk to Ric. Paula will put this in the agenda for next meeting.

Elaine asked about the possibility of LESS students taking some subjects in Nakusp Secondary, if not being offered at Lucerne. Elaine will send a letter to Superintendent Denise Perry.

High school history class – Wade Davis

Motion: That PAC pay $90.00 to help high school history class pay for tickets and transport to see anthropologist, Wade Davis in Nelson on April 3rd. (Katrina; Carried)

Community Soccer and Homework Club – Health Snacks

Motion:  That PAC pay up to $150 toward food for Homework Club this Spring and up to. $250 towards soccer snacks. (Julia; Carried)

School Garden/Greenhouse:  All school seed plant on Friday during school wide fitness. Pacific Northwest Garden Supply store has offered Lucerne up to $1500.00 in free greenhouse supplies. Donation receipt needed.

Next PAC meeting: April 4, 2013 @ 6:30 pm