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PAC December Meeting Minutes

Present: Katrina, Terri, Natasha, Angie, Beth, Anita, Elaine, Terry, Paula, and Theresa.

Reading of minutes

The minutes from the November 2 meeting were accepted.

Principal’s Report – Natasha

Upcoming Events

  • December – Christmas Craft Fair for the elementary students and a breakfast for secondary students
  • January 12th 2012 –  Alex Atamanenko, MP for BC Southern Interior, will visit our school. He will be working with a variety of classes and also attending our student council meeting.
  • Winter into Learning (January 31 to February 3) is a 4-day event for the secondary students which includes sports activities, B&W film developing, and avalanche training.

Treasurer’s Report

Anita passed around a copy of PAC Accounts Summary at the meeting. There is a bill for 130.59 from Janet (Planet Garden and Maintenance). Paula asked if we can pay Janet from the gaming account. We may have to cover the cost from the General Account.

Anita wondered about a ‘mystery’ $1000 that was deposited into the LINK account. It was a gift from the ‘Grad Reunion Committee towards infrastructure and can go into General Operations.

Anita was doing a little online research regarding grants and came up with the following:

  • STAPLES is offering $25,000 towards computer labs. Students will have to write essays about how ‘green’ their school is and the best essay is chosen to represent the school.
  • BC government returns 2.4 million to PACs for playground equipment purchases. Anita distributed copies of article regarding this. According to the article, the ministry has posted a list of PACs that will receive a refund on its website.

Anita moved that report is accepted. Angie seconded.

Old Business

CBT Youth Initiative Grant Update

Beth reported that our community was selected to receive the grant. There will be a priority setting workshop and dinner being planned for Monday, December 12.  Katrina moved that PAC contribute $45 towards rent of a facility for the first night to show support for this initiative. Angie seconded. Paula asked Natasha if she can make an announcement. Paula will makes the calls from the class lists.

BCTF presentations

  • November 16  –  Anti-Bullying – Angie reported that the outcome was ‘good’. The presenter was from Nakusp. Parents discussed strategies on how to improve negativity in the school.
  • November 23  – Internet Safety – was cancelled. The presenter, who was coming from Golden had to cancel due to bad weather/roads.
  • PAC to reimburse Katrina $25 for paying a babysitter so parents can attend  the Anti-Bullying presentation. Anita will write the check.

Katrina looked into a “Dare to Care” program (dealing with bullying and challenges within school communities) which is a one-day event. The program costs about $1700 and includes grades K to 12. Angie can check to see if DPAC is interested.

Discussed having a discussion forum and information available to parents on the website about  issues such as bullying. The website can be used for information sharing and links. If it is on the school site, Natasha will have to moderate. Anita suggested that a caveat will have to be included in the site stating for example that ‘PAC does not necessarily endorse the information posted’.

School Planning Council

Next meeting is planned for Monday. Discussion include: goals – student’s achievements and dealing with crises.  At the moment, our school does not have an elementary school counsellor. Can we obtain community funding to provide a counsellor one day (or afternoon) per week at LESS? Is this something to bring up at a DPAC meeting? Angie, our representative, will look into it.

New Business

Slocan Lake Community Soccer

Katrina reported there will be ‘new gang’ – 17 new kids and commitment from a few coaches. New portable goals are needed and can be partly covered by a Rec Com grant and a gift from the Grad Reunion Committee. Elaine moved that PAC pay $500 towards the soccer program as it will end up being joint use. The same kids will benefit from the equipment purchased.

Writers and Arts Fest – May 7 to 11, 2012

Spring into Learning will feature a drum school, drama, yoga, watercolor art. Anita moved that PAC contribute $800, which could come from the LINK fund, towards the festival. Beth seconded the motion.

Next PAC meeting: February 1st, 2012 @ 4:30 pm