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PAC April Meeting Minutes

Lucerne School PAC Minutes

April 4, 2012, 4:30 pm

 In Attendance: Paula Shandro, Katrina, Elaine, Alison, Anita Duminns, Natasha Miles, Ashley( Barker(elementary counselor) Carol Bell, Angie, Julia

 Minutes from last meeting adopted. Natasha/Elaine

 Treasurer’s Report adopted. Total Funds $7914.80  of that… $2012.53 Gaming

                                                                                                   $5648.41 LINK

                                                                                                       286.86 Writer’s

We received an extra $1600.00 into our LINK account last month and spent $40.00 on childcare.

 Trustees Report: District has hired new superintendant, Denise Perry from the Bella Coola area where she was also superintendant and has come up with some creative ways of encouraging early learning.  She is moving to Nakusp with her 14 year old daughter in June.

 Principals Report:  One new student this week in Gr.9. Enrollment=87. Work experience in March was a success. Gr.5,6,7 class go to Victoria at the end of this month. Lunch hour supervision still not covered. Need to recruit adult helpers or she may have to shorten lunch to half an hour.  Concern for safety of K, 1,2’s.  Sign –up sheet will be posted in the main foyer.

Staff meeting next week.

 Hot Soup: We decided to continue the program until the end of May with the generous help of Elaine and Isabelle.

Chapters Grant Celebration: Terry Taylor absent but the plan is to run it during the student led conferences on April 26th.

Parent Discussion Group Re: anti bullying met last month and has initiated some in class discussion.  Alison has contacted Chris Berger (Restorative Justice/ Counselor) about a visit to our school. Parent group to meet again.

 School Growth Plan: This year greater focus on numeracy, science and literacy in all grades and also particular focus on social and emotional intelligence. ( helped get funding for new counselor). Less focus on enrichment but still funding for Fall and Spring into Learning.

Growth Plan Accepted.

 Grade 5,6,7 Fieldtrip to the Coast: So far the class has raised over$ 17,000!  

Motion: PAC will contribute $1000 dollars toward travel expenses for the trip.(Elaine/Anita)

 Internet Safety:  We will postpone this until September.  SD10 is working on a policy on this topic.

Corazon concert:  Corazon  youth choir includes four or our student this year. They are performing here on April 24.

Motion: PAC will contribute $350 towards expenses for the choir and help with the dinner for the choir. (Katrina/Julia)

School Configuration: Elaine: With North Wing closed there is a problem with noise between the semi-divided classrooms in the upper south wing. Suggestion to reopen the North wing for k-4’s and 5, 6, 7’s.  This year janitor time was cutback from 56 to 40 hours/week.

Natasha will look into the possibility of leasing the basement to community groups as long as it is secured from the rest of the school.

 Four Day Week: Up for discussion next year.

 Summer Musical: Jeff Pilsner’s play will involve about 12 high school students. Ashley Barker will choreograph the show and start modern dance classed for teens. Probably Thursday from 6-8:30pm.  Seeking location.  PAC agreed to act as an umbrella group to help apply for a Parks and Rec Grant toward the play expenses.

  Earth Day 2012:  Planned for the morning of Friday, April 20th.  Green super hero’s and more…..

 30 Hour Famine: Students participating this month.  Pac will contribute $100 toward juice for starving tudents. Motion (Katrina/Julia)

 Meeting adjourned: 5:45pm     Next Meeting: May 2, 2012, 4:30pm.