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November 2013 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

I want to take a moment to share my respect for the wonderful staff we have here at the school. I am continually inspired by the many extra hours put in by teachers and support staff to create learning opportunities and events. We have Wordfest, sports teams, fundraising for Grad, musicians and artists in the classrooms, immersion week activities, canoe trips, skiing trips, breakfast programs, and on and on and on. All of these exist because of support from parents, the dedication of school staff, the respect and enthusiasm of students, and the past efforts of parents and teachers who have introduced so many high quality learning activities to our students.

In addition to their dedication to student growth, I am impressed by the great respect our staff members show to each other. Our staff are a close-knit group who support one another, and who model respect and tolerance and always speak courteously of one another. I am proud to say that our staff teach inclusion and tolerance by word and by example.


As part of improving school communications I have been gathering email contacts from parents. This is now our first official emailed newsletter. If you are receiving this electronically please take satisfaction knowing you have saved paper, ink, and electricity. We understand that some families do not use email for communication and so we will continue to make our newsletters available for them in paper copy.

If you would like to receive this in email form in the future please send an email to drew.neilson@sd10.bc.ca

Student-Led Conferences


Student-Led Conferences are an excellent opportunity for sharing with parents what students are learning. These conferences begin tomorrow at 1:00 and to facilitate these conferences there is early dismissal at 12:00. The bus will pick up students at 12:05. You should have received a time for your conference. If not, please let the school know so we can identify when your child’s conference will begin.


“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” – Clay P. Bedford


Photo retakes

Wednesday, November 6th is photo retake day for students. Students who were not here for their initial picture or parents wishing retakes of the October pictures are invited to participate on that day. Parents wishing to purchase photos this day will need to stop in and pick up a prepay envelope from the school office.

Secondary student plans

Please continue to review the student plans each secondary student is asked to keep. It is their responsibility to bring it home each night. So that we can know this is happening, I would ask that you as parent/guardian either initial each learning block, or alternatively record somewhere on that week’s plan that you have reviewed the plan. These plans will be a very valuable tool for communicating, supporting, and prioritizing student learning. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns around the use of the Student Plans.

School communication

In addition to this “Green” newsletter, you will continue to find school information and updates on the school’s website at www.lessweb.bcelearner.ca  . Another goal we have is to provide class plans (overview of upcoming tasks for the month) on the school website for each subject on the week prior to each immersion week. This is so parents and students will know what needs to be worked on prior to (or during) each immersion week and should also serve as a reminder of the upcoming immersion week.

Healthy schools

A notice regarding head lice has been sent home to parents. If you did not receive one of these notices please let your child’s teacher know. We would encourage you to make regular checks and to let us know if your child has head lice. As was mentioned in the previous notice at www.interiorhealth.ca/YourHealth/SchoolHealth/HeadLice/Documents/Head_Lice_Management.pdf  there is excellent information on treatment for head lice.

Winter Concert

This year we anticipate having a Drama/Dance workshop for immersion week students at Lucerne which will lead into our Winter Concert performance. To help bring these two events together we will be scheduling our Winter Concert differently. Instead of the last Thursday before the Winter Break, it will be scheduled for the last Tuesday before the Break (December 17th). Please pencil this into your calendars as there are often other events being scheduled around the traditional Christmas season.


Wed, Oct 30 KSCU Breakfast for all students

Wed, Oct 30 Student-Led Conferences (12:00 Dismissal)

Wed, Nov 6th Photo Retakes

Fri, Nov 8th End of Term 1 (Secondary)

Fri, Nov 8th School Remembrance Day Assembly (10:45)

Mon, Nov 11th Remembrance Day (No School)

Mon Nov 18th-22nd Digital Media Immersion Week with Mr. Kipkie

Mon Nov 18th-22nd Work experience week Grades 11 and 12

Fri, Nov 22nd, 1st Report Card home for all students

Mon, Dec 9th-13th, Drama/Dance Immersion Week

Tue, Dec 17th, School Winter Concert

Sat, Dec 21-Jan 5 Winter Break