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May 2014 Newsletter

May 9, 2014, National Day of Honour, Afghanistan

I can’t believe we are already into May. While for many this time of
year turns them to thoughts of gardening, and outdoor recreation, and
putting away the skis. For our teachers this time of year means field
trips, and report cards, and classroom placements, and graduation,
and class supply lists.
You are likely aware now that we are anticipating staffing changes
next year at the school. Ashley Barker is taking a maternity leave next
year and we wish her our best wishes as she prepares for the arrival of
twins. We also wish success next year for Mr. Kipkie who is taking a
one year educational leave to add a third language (French) to his
teaching repertoire. We will miss Ashley and Scott but wish them the
best next year.

“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something
you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.”
― Doris Lessing

As part of the Art Immersion week, Ms. Sebben and Morgen Bardati
helped students design and build some beautiful bags which are on
display for the public at the Hidden Garden Gallery. The exhibit is
viewable from 11:00–3:00 until May 10th. We would encourage you to
go and have a look at the wonderful work these students did. Hidden Garden Gallery

The Connecting Generations breakfasts continue to be held on
Tuesday mornings in the Foods room. This is organized by the North
Slocan Food Program and has been a great program for providing kids
with a healthy meal, a chance to meet with friends of different
generations, and involvement in cooking, cleaning, and even serving.
Thanks to all our volunteers.
Also, our final KSCU breakfast is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28.
Thank you to KSCU for providing this service to our kids.

In addition to our wonderful breakfasts, we have been able to offer
Friday soup days thanks to our wonderful volunteer parents. The last
Soup Day for the year is next Friday (May 16).

We have just received a 2nd
High School Teacher Candidate from Selkirk College. In addition to Jill Pakulak
who is working with Ashley Barker, we now have Matthias Piuze who will be working with Mr. Bardati teaching
our Secondary Science and P.E. classes. Welcome, Matthias.

As today is a National Day of Honour recognizing the mission in Afghanistan I would like to extend my respect and
honour to those who served, as well as for the sacrifices made by the families and loved ones they left behind. Below is
some basic information that might be helpful in talking with your child about this event.
Facts and Figures
· More than 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces members served in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014.
· Afghanistan is a very poor country and its climate can be extreme. Summer temperatures of 50° C are common
and huge dust storms can sweep across its arid deserts.
· Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan have been numerous. Reaching out in an attempt to build trust and win the hearts
and minds of the people of Afghanistan was an important goal. In addition to their military activities, Canadian
Armed Forces members engaged in many humanitarian efforts like digging wells, rebuilding schools and
distributing medical and relief supplies, both as part of their official mission and on a volunteer basis.
More information is available at:

Fri, May 16 Last Soup Day
Mon, May 19 Victoria Day (No School)
Wed, May 23 Class Photo Day
Wed, May 28 KSCU Breakfast
Mon, May 26-30 Canoeing Elective Week with Mr. Kipkie
Wed, June 4 PAC Meeting (6:30)
Sat, June 7 (1:00) Graduation Ceremony 2014
Mon, Jun 30 Last day of school for students and staff