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March 2014 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Our Secondary staff had a chance to meet with Superintendent Taylor last Thursday to discuss our school learning model and where we are headed with some of our innovations including Project-Based Learning, Individual Directed Learning, Immersion Weeks, and course integration. It was tremendous to hear about some of the great successes we are witnessing in these areas. From our discussions some of what we learned was that;

-the Immersion Weeks have been very successful for all students

-students have a better sense around planning for upcoming Immersion Weeks

-teachers are better able to target learning groups

-there is an increase in the quality of student work

-the IDL framework better helps teachers address learner needs and provide challenge for individual learners

Of all the powerful things happening here at Lucerne, one of most inspiring for me is its model for learning improvement. The model begins with a collective goal for supporting learning for every student. It includes open dialogue with staff, parents, and students about what helps all of our students learn best. From there we all work together in designing scheduling, course offerings, staff professional development, and budgeting that support our aims and goals for student success. In essence, at Lucerne, students are not seen as numbers supporting a system, rather, we see our school model as the tool to achieving the best student growth possible for each child.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King

District Budget Plan Parent Meeting (Lucerne)

The District will also be meeting with parents this Friday from 4:30-5:30 to gather input into their future budgeting process. This meeting will be at LESS in the school library. All parents are encouraged to attend and participate.

District Budget Planning Survey

Our District is aiming for greater consultation and input in the budget process. They are asking parents to participate in a survey which is part 1 of the plan for input on our District budget planning for the next school year. The link address for the survey is http://sd10.fluidsurveys.com/s/budgetsurvey/  .



Wed, Mar 5, PAC Meeting, 6:30

Fri, Mar 7, District Budget Planning (Lucerne), 4:30

Fri, Mar 14th, Elementary Report Cards go Home

Mon, Mar 17th – 28th, Spring Break

Mon, Mar 31st – Apr 4th, Arts Immersion Week (Sebben)

Fri, Apr 11, Latin Dance Group Performance, 1:00 (Gym)

Tue, Apr 15, Student-Led Conferences

Mon, Apr 28th – May 2nd, Archaeology/Photography Immersion Week


Aboriginal Education Program Update

by Signy Fredrickson

Last week Toni Appleby, Aboriginal Educator from Nelson, came to Lucerne to do a number of workshops with our students. The grade 4/5/6 class made Cedar bark knife sheaths, the K1 class did smudging and learned about the Medicine Wheel, while both the high school English and grade 2/3 class made Dreamcatchers.

After spring break, the high school will begin our Reconciliation Through Art project in earnest. Socials studies inquiries, weaving, film-making and carving are all components of this project. As well, the grade 4/5/6 class will be learning about reconciliation and painting cedar paddles with Ganishka.  The grade 2/3 class are starting a P.E. unit on Lacrosse, Canada’s national summer sport, taught to the world by Canada’s Aboriginal people over 200 years ago. It promises to be a full and exciting spring!

I you have any questions about the Aboriginal Education program please contact me at Signy.Fredrickson@sd10.bc.ca.