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March 2012 Newsletter

Principal’s Greeting

Our Grade 11 and 12 students embark upon a second week of work experience starting March, 13th 2012. This is a great opportunity for them to explore a career they have some interest in pursuing and get a feel of both the satisfaction and the rigour of working life. In November they went to a whole host of employers: amongst them a glassmaker in Nelson, a bat biologist in Kaslo, a candidate for mayor in New Westminster, a woman’s centre in Nelson,  a fitness centre in Nakusp and several local artists. The students came back with wonderful experiences that are still driving them on to graduate from school. Thank you to all the employers who are able to provide the time for our students to undertake this experience.

Elementary School Counsellor

School District 10 has appointed a new elementary school counsellor who will be part of the team of staff at Lucerne. Ashley Barker joins us following a stint of Kindergarten teaching in Japan. As well as a secondary school English teacher she is also a dance teacher and so will be a great addition to our team. She will be at Lucerne one day a week and will work with classes with their teacher, smaller groups or individuals.

Noon Hour Supervision

During the week that Grade 11 and 12 will be on work experience we are looking for parents who could volunteer one lunch time session in the week March 13th to March 17th to supervise our students to fundraise for Pre-School, PAC, Grad or the Grade 5-7 trip to Victoria-Vancouver. The 50 minute slot from 11.50 to 12.40 can earn $11.19 towards fundraising. Any volunteer would need to have a current volunteer criminal record check completed already for this school year.

 Historically it has been difficult to hire a noon-hour supervisor and graduating classes have stepped in to fundraise for their graduation events. This year the Grade 11s have been supporting Grade 12s in their efforts and the group has been very reliable compared to recent years’ groups. However the spring is a busy time for students in the senior grades and we are also looking for five parents who can volunteer one lunchtime a week on a regular basis to fundraise for the group of their choice. Please contact Ms Miles if you are able to provide this time to us.


The next PAC meeting is on Wednesday, March 7th at 4.30pm. There were 15 parents at the last meeting – what a turn out! Don’t forget that the minutes of meetings are posted on the school website under ‘Posts’ each month if you want to see what is discussed.

 Term 2 Report Cards for Elementary Students

Elementary school report cards are due home on Friday, March 16th. Due to ongoing strike action by the BCTF the report cards will continue to only show information on attendance and courses taken unless the principal teaches a course. Although there will not be formal report cards, teachers are still required to report to students and parents progress grades and will do so through phone calls and emails. Our elementary teachers are already in the midst of planning how they will report to you in an alternative manner.

 Head Lice

A few cases of head lice have been reported in February but due to prompt action from home these have been isolated. Head lice are common in school-aged children but remember that they DO NOT cause disease. However, itchiness from head lice can be irritating and uncomfortable for children. Head lice spread easily to others, so it’s important for families to help prevent and control its spread. Outbreaks are more common following vacations. To prevent head lice:

  • Please check your child’s head every week for lice
  • Teach your child not to share head gear (i.e. hats, hair, accessories, scarves, helmets, combs)


If you would like more information on head lice and treatment the school has copies of the advice from Interior Health or go to www.interiorhealth.ca Students should remain at home until treatment is complete and the school would appreciate it if parents do keep us informed off any incidences so the class and/or grade can be told to check.