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March 2011 Newsletter

Lucerne Elementary Secondary School

March 2011 Newsletter

Principal’s Greeting

What do the following people have in common: James Gosling, Peter Robertson, David Suzuki and Henry Taube? They are all scientists and Canadian and highly regarded for being a leader in their field of science. Without Gosling we would not have Java, one of the most widely used programming languages for much of the software we use online, without Robertson no Robertson screws, without David Suzuki probably we would be less knowledgeable about the natural world around us and without Henry Taube, there would be less understanding of ‘the work of electron transfer reactions especially in metallic complexes’ among inorganic chemists. If, like me, you are not really sure what this last scientific feat means, not to worry. What I want us to do this month at Lucerne is to stop for a moment and look at the objects, the technology and the machines we use every day and praise the scientist who endeavored to make them work. It would be comforting to think that David Suzuki, for all of his family’s documented unhappiness at the internment camp in New Denver, did find something in our mountains and lake that sparked off his career. It is the Year of Science in BC and to show that our school is full of scientists do come to our Science Fair on Monday March 7th between 5.30 and 7.00pm to see what our students have been investigating. Find out more also on Science events in BC this year at http://yearofsciencebc.ca/  On Friday March 4th our Grade 5/6/7 class go to Kelowna to take part in the 28th Annual Spaghetti Bridge Building competition hosted by Okanagan College which will allow them to discover it they have got what it takes to be a structural engineer.

Literacy at Lucerne Showcased in BC

 February’s issue of ‘Adminfo’,  the monthly magazine for principals and vice-principals, showcases Lucerne School’s focus on literacy skills and the strategies, initiatives and innovative programs used to enable our students to be readers and writers. The principal, Natasha Miles, our District Leader of Literacy,Terry Taylor, the Vice-Chair of PAC, Paula Shandro and four students in Grades 5, 10, 11 and 12 were interviewed for the article written by Leslie Dyson.  Follow this link http://www.bcpvpa.bc.ca/downloads/adminfo_pdf/Adminfo0211.pdf and read the article on pages 14 to 17.

 PAC Meeting                                                

 The next meeting of the Parent Advisory Council is on Tuesday March 1st at 6.40pm. All parents are members of PAC and new attendees are always welcome to come to the meetings.

 Website News


 Since September 2009 PAC, Preschool and Lucerne have been working together on a new school website that will enable the school to celebrate regularly what is happening in the school and to keep both families and the community informed on up coming events. Another goal was to promote our community, villages and location to people further afield so that they can see what a great place it is to live. There will be an official launch in April following a few final tweaks, but for the time being the website is up and running. If you follow links to ‘Recent Posts’ you can look at current news and also leave comments.


 A training session on how to identify lice and nits was held in February at short notice due to our first incidences in 2011. There was low turn out for this meeting and we do realise that this was probably because it was planned at short notice as we had to work with the availability of a public health nurse and wanted to react quickly. However, it is the responsibility of parents to carry out regular checks for lice and nits which, while not a health risk, are an irritant and unpleasant. Head lice and nits are common in school aged children. The school and the school district do not employ a nurse to carry out head lice checks. We rely on volunteers who are not always available and when available may not be able to check every child in a class in which an incidence has been identified. Children must be told at school and at home not to share hairbrushes, combs, hats, toques or hoodies. We request that a child stays at home until the treatment has got rid of all signs of lice and nits. If you area able to add your name to our small list of volunteers to help carry out checks please leave your name at the school office.

 Spring Break

 The two professional development days that staff was requested to take part in at the end of their summer vacation in 2010 seem a long way away now. However, these two days, plus coming back early after New Year and the extra minutes we have added to the daily timetable now mean that we can all enjoy a two week Spring Break which starts on Monday March 14th and lasts until Friday March 25th. Enjoy! See you back in school on Monday March 28th.

 Grad Meeting

The next Grad Meeting for Grade 12 and their parents is on Tuesday 29th March at 6.30pm. It is imperative that all grads attend to share the fundraising and planning tasks. There are only two months left after this meeting until June 3rd and 4th.

 Punctuality Rocks

For the month of February the two students whose names have been pulled out of the draw for rewarding students who attend school every day and are on time to their lessons are Sylus Warren and Sadye Butler.

 And finally…

 Mr. Bardati and three students are heading to Costa Rica this Spring Break on an educational tour with EF Educational Tours. This is a much awaited trip that has been over two years in the planning. Students will visit the rainforest, see waterfalls and volcanoes and get a taste of Central American culture.