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Elementary School

The elementary section of our school, Kindergarten to Grade 6, comprises almost two thirds of the Lucerne student body. All classes are multi-grade, with lots of one-to-one attention for all students, and low special needs student-to-teacher ratios. Elementary students use the same special areas as the high school: the gym, computer lab, science lab and foods room.

Elementary students participate in a variety of fun activities organized by our energetic and talented elementary staff. Some of the highlights of the year include our:

  • Writer’s Festival
  • Science Fair
  • Ski Days
  • Christmas Concert
  • Aboriginal Education including field trips
  • Snow shoeing and cross country skiing
  • Canoe on Slocan Lake
  • Hikes and bike rides

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Fondest Memories

  • Celebrating the 100th day of school in our pajamas in forts we made right in our classroom.
  • Fall days at Bonanza Creek observing the redfish. We played in the sand and mud for hours and formed our own ‘Salmon Patrol’, a group dedicated to collecting as many dead fish as possible.
  • The Chestnut Counting Contest
  • Making it up the world’s steepest t-bar at the ski hill
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Watching caterpillars grow into Painted Ladies butterflies
  • Amazing everyone with our performance of ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’

Grade 2, 3 &4

Our Grade 2, 3 & 4 enjoyed their Readers’ Theatre this year and created a Book in the Bag to round off the project. Their technnology skills improved and they became quite skilful with power point presentations. Field trips included heading to Retallack and learning about our inland temperate rainforest. Aboriginal Education was a key part of the curriculum with Med Wolf coming to visit, collecting rocks from the beach to make Inukshuks, going on a fieldtrip to Lemon Creek to see Sinixt pit houses and learning how to paint with First Nations illustrator, George Littlechild. The Grade 4s enjoyed being part of the Intermediate Track and Field meet in Nakusp.

Grade 5,6 & 7

Our upper intermediate class this year have taken on many leadership roles in the school. They do the recycling for the whole school and have buddy readers and PE partners in the K/1 classroom. They have hosted basketball games with Nakusp Secondary. They started the year with an outdoor bound canoe on Slocan Lake and had a wonderful curriculum trip to Vancouver and Victoria in April.  They were invited to take part in the secondary school’s Into Learning in the spring.