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K – 12

Welcome to Lucerne Elementary Secondary School  – Code of Conduct 2018-2019

Lucerne School is one of the few K-12 schools in British Columbia. We are located in the historic village of New Denver in the beautiful West Kootenays. A commitment to creative and imaginative educational practice, as well as excellence, is a role we take on with pride. Perhaps the clear air and pristine wilderness have blessed us with a surfeit of creative approaches to education. We are privileged to hold the responsibility for the academic and personal growth of the whole child from when they join us at 5 years old until they leave us at 18 or 19. Our school is Wi-Fi Free and does not allow cell phones to be used in the school building.

Our secondary school population is under 40 students allowing us to truly personalize the learning our students receive. We offer British Columbia’s prescribed curriculum from Grades 7 to 12 with the vast majority of our students graduating in excess of 100 credits with a Dogwood Graduation Diploma. Our students learn in regular classroom instruction in multi-age groupings and on-line courses available through the Western Learning Network (which we are a contributing member of), Selkirk College, the Distance Education School of the Kootenays and through our Facilitated Learning Centre. 

Our elementary school is  slightly larger with our  classes being split or multi-aged depending each  year on grade sizes. Due to  the fact our building is  shared between young and  old, social responsibility is  a strength amongst our student population. Elementary students are part of our student council and we meet as a school once a week in school teams for fitness. Many of our festivals of learning involve the whole school.

We are proud to create powerful and imaginative learning experiences for kids in our small rural school. Our students and staff are proud to share the benefits of being small – and – educationally progressive.