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June 2012 Newsletter

Principal’s Greeting

Another school year is coming to an end and for the seven members of the graduating class of 2012 this last month will be quite memorable for them. As they walk across the stage on Saturday, June 2nd at the graduation ceremony, as they have their last class on Wednesday, June 13th and as they sit their last exam on Monday, June 25th they take the final, essential steps into adulthood. On Friday, June 1st the grads celebrate their achievements with their families and friends at Silverton Memorial Hall which is an invitation only event but everyone is welcome to the ceremony which starts at 1pm on Saturday. Thank you to Grade 11 and their parents who are hosting the tea that follows the ceremony.

School phones

From July 1st our school’s phone system is changing in order to improve communication across the district and within schools. All schools in the district and the Board office will have one telephone number 250 -265-3638. When you phone you will then be directed to a directory of numbers. You will be able to leave voice mail messages directly with staff and should only use the main office number to report absences, for emergencies or gaining general information from the secretary. During June when you phone 250 -358 -7222 you will hear a message to tell you that this change is going to happen in July.

To save time it would be useful to keep a note of extension numbers you can dial to get directly to the teacher you want to speak to. You can key in the whole number at one time:

e.g. school secretary at Lucerne 250 265 3638 3501

The school secretary will not forward messages on as this system is available for you to leave a message directly with the teacher. Teachers will check their voice mail once a day but will not pick up the phone in lesson time. This new system also brings with it a new PA system which will add improve the safety of our students.

School secretary – Chiyoko Reitmeier – 3501

Principal –Natasha Miles – 3308

Secondary school counsellor – Terry Taylor – 3304

Elementary school counsellor – Ashley Barker – 3309

Elementary learning assistance teacher – Paula Rogers – 3520

FLC teacher –Scott Kipkie -3521

K/1 teacher – Rachelle Champagne – 3526

2/3/4 teacher – Heather Jenkins – 3525

5/6/7 teacher –Katrina Sumrall – 3524

Socials teacher – Gary Parkstrom – 3527

Science/ PE teacher – Ric Bardati – 3523

Secondary learning assistance teacher / Foods/ Art teacher –Patti Sebben – 3522

PAC News

The last PAC meeting for the school year is on Wednesday, June 6th at 4.30pm. All parents are members of PAC and are welcome to attend the meetings. ‘Green Thumbs’, a gardening and greenhouse club for students, parents and staff will take place through June on Thursdays after school.

Open House for Volunteers

Our school is supported in so many ways by our families and our community –thank you all of you. If you have volunteered your time this year to our students and school please come into school on Tuesday, June 19th between 10am and 3pm to share a slice of cake and a cup of tea and spend some time with us. This replaces the Spring Picnic which was scheduled for June 7th.

School District 10 Calendar 2012-2013

August 29 District Wide NI Day
August 30 School Based NI Day
September 4 Schools Open
October 8 Thanksgiving
October 19 Provincial Pro-D
December 21 Schools Close for Winter Vacation
December 24- Jan 4 Winter Vacation
January 7 Schools Re-Open
February 15 NI Day
February  18 Family Day
March 15 Last Day before Spring Break
March 18 – 29 Spring Vacation
March 29 Good Friday
April 1 Easter Monday
April 2 Schools Re-Open
April 19 NI Day
May 17 NI Day
May 20 Victoria Day
June 27 Last Day of Classes
June  28 Administrative Day
June 28 Schools Close for Summer Vacation

The school website has all the key dates scheduled in its calendar for the next school year.

Exam Timetable

 The last day of lessons for secondary students is Wednesday 13th June although there are some English practice sessions prior to this. All school exams are compulsory including practice exams and reviews. If a student misses an exam on the scheduled day then they will be contacted by their teacher to attend the make up session on Tuesday 19th.  If a student is ill on the scheduled day the same will apply but please contact the school to let us know that the absence is excused. Students should arrive 5 minutes before the exam is scheduled to start. Students are not expected to be in school when exams are not scheduled for them.

School reports are available from the school office on Thursday, June 28th from 1pm.

Date Morning 9am -11.30am Afternoon 1-3pm
Monday 11th English 10 review in class
Tuesday 12th English 12 practice start 9am
Wed 13th English 12 feedback in class English 10 practice
Thu 14th English 11Math 8/9 Science 8/9English 10 feedback
Fri 15th English 8/9Math 11/12 Socials 8/9/10
Mon 18th Chem 12 Socials 11 review
Tue 19th Make Up Day
Wed 20th Math 10  
Thu 21st   Socials 11
Fri 22nd English 10  
Mon 25th English 12 Science 10

 Provincial Exams

Provincial exams are written in the schedule in bold. All exams on this schedule are compulsory.

Math and Science students should check with their class teacher which calculators are allowed in the exam room and should bring them with them to the exam.

Students should also have decided in English, Science and Socials if they are taking the exam electronically or on paper and should have told their teacher by Wednesday June 13th.  Math 10 exams are via electronic exam only. Provincial exams can be up to 3 hours long if a student needs this time.

An Outdoor Summer

During the school year we aim to take our students out of doors as much as possible to learn from within the beautiful surroundings we live in. Over the long summer we know that families will make the most of the weather and continue to explore the lakes and mountains but this year two of our teachers aim to further children’s experiences in a new summer day camp. While this is not a school activity it is a summer camp that compliments activities we encourage students to participate in when at school in Into Learnings. ‘Thunder Mountain Summer Day Camp’ will run from July 23-27, 2012 and is for ages 9-15.  Each day will begin at approximately 8:30 and will end at approximately 4:30.  Each day will start from New Denver and will drive to a different mountain hiking location.  The majority of each day will be spent hiking and playing games in the high alpine environments of our local mountains.  The leaders are Gary Parkstrom, Scott Kipkie, and Nadine Raynolds.  There is a $30 cost for the entire week for  transportation and snacks.  For more information and to register, phone or email Gary Parkstrom (358-2164; parkstrom@gmail.com)

And finally….a letter from our Student Council’s President

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers and Staff,

In the beginning of this year I was elected Student President. I can’t tell you how much of a joy it has been to be on the Student Council. But it has also been a joy to be a student of Lucerne School. We are so lucky to live in this wonderful valley and have the support from the entire community. It is truly the best place for a school. Lucerne is filled with adults who respect, love and assist our students in everyway possible. We can’t thank them enough along with the members of PAC, parents, volunteers, staff and our phenomenal principal Natasha Miles. Ms. Miles has lent her hand to the Student Council and her other hand and both feet to everything else the school needs from her. Without her the Student Council this year would not have run as successfully as it has. I would also like to voice my appreciation to my peers on the Council: Sadye – Vice President, Cypress – Treasurer, Jessica – Secretary, Aja – Grade 8/9 Rep and all of the Elementary representatives. You have shown so much dedication and commitment to the school and I thank you for this. This school year, we have created opportunities for our students to dance, dress up, be active, learn and create. Some of our events included the Halloween and Spring Dance, the Christmas Fair, Pink Day, Dress-up days including Formal Day, the Talent Show and of course every Tuesday, school-wide fitness. I am proud of what we have accomplished, I am in awe of how our school works together year after year and I appreciate everyone that has shown Lucerne spirit.

Now in the words of a great leader, “Another year gone!…[and] what a year it has been! Hopefully your heads are all a little fuller than they were … [because] you have the whole summer ahead to get them nice and empty before next year starts.”

–        Albus Dumbledore.

Once again, I thank you all for this opportunity to be President.


Danika Skye Hammond