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January PAC Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Natasha, Beth, Katrina, Carol, Paula and Julia.

Approval of meeting minutes

Minutes from last meeting in December reviewed. Motion: To approve minutes with corrections noted by Julia. Paula second.  All in favour. Carried.


  • Regular account:  $5,772.39
  • Gaming account:  $1,237.76
  • Writer’s account:  $1,473.93

Outstanding amounts allotted for new shed for the garden.

Principal’s Report

  • Staff have met 3 times to talk about safety procedure for school; they are evolving…  Staff did come to resolution about visitors… parents are not visitors, can come in without signing in, not expected to sign in.  If parents are in school for significant amount of time during day, they should sign in case of emergency…fire, etc. 

School Trustee’s Report

  • No trustee report due to Carol being out of town and hasn’t attended meetings.  She attended meetings in Vancouver – BCSS.
  • District strategic planning meeting on Saturday


Old Business

Rec Commission:  From conversations with a few Rec Commission directors we understand that the Rec Commission board could ask RDCK to cover liability for gym activities and events that involve activities in the school, possibly as a line item in their budget. There will need to be more communication with Rec Commission directors to see if this can happen.

Hot soup program- financials:  Paula received call from Chiyoko asking if PAC is supporting soup project?  No PAC funds have been given to school for soup.  Katrina motioned $500 to soup, Beth seconded, passed.

SPC update:  SEAs currently have limited access to pro-development.  To support SPC objective of emotional well-being, funds have been set aside for pro-d on helping kids with self-regulation. Funds for fine arts that have been lost throughout years and so $1000 will be allotted.  Also funds for regional science fair and Lucerne Science Fair this Spring.

Letter to Highways re: school crosswalk:  Paula read draft letter to highway commission, several suggestions were made.

Indoor plant maintenance schedule:  schedule for PAC to take care of plants… Katrina doing it now but will put up schedule for others to contribute.  Once a week good, will ask Nicole while she is doing dance classes.

New Business

SD 10 Strategic Planning meeting Jan. 19:  9am to 4pm

School safety policy, school use policy, etc.  Julia talked to Denise about unlocking internal doors, Natasha talked to maintenance about installing push button door locks. 

Payment of $50 for childcare providers for conversation with Denise Perry noted.

Meeting adjourned @ 6:30 pm.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 6 @ 4:30 pm