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January 2012 Newsletter

Principal’s Greeting

Educators know that there is a multitude of ways that students acquire knowledge and likewise, there is a multitude of ways that students can demonstrate having this knowledge. As you walk around the school and look at posters that students have created, read their blogs on line, look through their workbooks or attend student led conferences you can see these different routes in learning that happen at Lucerne which probably are “different from when I was at school.”

 Exams, more familiar to parents from their own school years, are also one form of assessment that can be used to summarise what a student has gathered over a semester of learning. In BC, provincial exams are mandatory for some subjects in Grades 10, 11 and 12. Therefore secondary students need to start practicing how to take exams from Grade 8 onwards. Mid year exams take place from January 25th -27th this month. Preparation in the form of revision and review is needed. Students can:

  •  test themselves or their friends
  • try exercises again that have already been marked and see how they do a second time around
  • plan their revision ahead and set time aside in the evenings for this
  • attend classes in the lead up to the exams so that any last minute tips or even clues are heard.  

 Often, knowing that you have prepared for an exam boosts your confidence and makes your likelihood for success greater. Even if exam nerves hit, the preparation will carry you through. It is not luck that is needed for exams, but preparation so…’Good Prep’ this month! The exam timetable follows later in this newsletter.

 New Year, New Students

Welcome to Scott Bridge in Grade 8, Aleksander Ratynski in Grade 4 and Adryan Ratynski in Grade 2. Please make them and their families feel welcome in our school.

 Old Year, Full of Cheer

The ‘Evening of Winter Craft and Festive Cheer’ on December 15th was a successful, fun event that was well supported by elementary students and their families. Thank you to Judith Maltz who played piano to accompany the singing and to the student council who were our waiters and waitresses.


The minutes of PAC meetings are posted on the school website in the section following the tab ‘Recent Posts.’ PAC also invites parents to share web links or titles of books and resources on bullying by leaving a comment on the post http://less.sd10.bc.ca/index.php/category/pac  

 There won’t be a meeting in January as the first Wednesday is so close to the start of the New Year. Put Wednesday, 1st February in your calendar though for the next meeting at 4.30pm. All parents are welcome to attend.

 Federal MP visit to Lucerne

Alex Atamanenko, our Federal MP for BC Southern Interior, will be visiting Lucerne on Thursday, January 12th. He will be working with all secondary students in Socials classes, meeting our student council for lunch and finishing the visit in the Grade 5/6/7 class. He is excited to have been invited as he very much enjoys working with young people. Prior to becoming an MP in 2006 Alex was an officer with the Canadian Armed forces, served as an interpreter during the PM’s visit to the Soviet Union in 1989 and the Canadian Navy’s visit in 1990, has been a Russian, French and English teacher, worked as a mill worker and today is a karate instructor at the Castlegar Karate Club.

Writer’s Coffeehouse – A Can’t Miss Event                                

The Lucerne Writers’ class is hosting their annual Writing Coffeehouse on Thursday, January 19th at 7:00 at the Silverton Gallery.  Admission is by donation and all proceeds go toward the Writing class field trip to Banff.  

In addition to the writers’ reading their pieces, there will be snacks and refreshments. Writers have been working on their short stories, poems and podcasts since September and would love it if you attended. Parents and all the community are invited. 

Winter into Learning

Semester 2 starts on Monday, January 30th and it starts off with an icy blast with ‘Winter into Learning’ – a new feature on the school’s calendar. Secondary students will be taking part in elective courses this week from Monday through to Friday. Students need to complete 30 hours in order to gain 1 credit in Grades 10-12 for Applied Skills or Fine Arts. Final choices will occur in the second week of January.

Elementary Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski and snowboarding lessons are funded by the school and the school district so that our students can get basic skills in a recreational activity so popular and accessible in this part of BC. By the time our students finish elementary school they can ski! All Kindergarten to Grade 7 students are signed up for lessons on three Wednesdays through January starting January 11th. These dates are weather and snow dependent but by having the dates in January there is always a chance of postponement if need be. 

Semester 1 Exams

Semester 1 and Term 2 draw to an end on Friday, January 27th and secondary students will be sitting mid-year exams from Wednesday 25th January until Friday January 27th. There will be no classes for secondary students on these days. Exams are compulsory in those courses on the exam timetable and contribute towards the Term 2 interim mark or Semester 1 final grade. All exams are compulsory for each course listed.

 Students must remain within the exam room for the first hour of the exam. This provides time to think about questions and the answers which may seem frustrating at first.

 No student may enter the exam room after an hour after the start of the exam. If a student misses an exam they will catch up on Friday morning.

 If a student has no exam scheduled then he/ she is expected to stay at home. However, students may arrange with their teacher a time to meet if help is needed in preparation but students must realise that teachers are invigilating and marking exams so are not always available.

Monday Jan 23rd Tuesday Jan 24th   Wednesday Jan 25th Thursday Jan 26th  Friday Jan27th
 Regular classes and schedule  Regular classes and schedule  8.55am-11.25 am  First Nations 12 ProvincialSocials 8/9/10 Final

Socials 11


Eng 8/9/10



No classes for secondary students

Conflicts and Exam Make-up


  Lunch Lunch
 12.40pm -3.00pm  Eng 11/12

Math 8 /9/10

 Science 9/ 10

Chem 11 Final

 Head Lice

It may be a little premature but we are likely to see the return of head lice soon. Head lice are common in school-aged children. Head lice DO NOT cause disease. Itchiness from head lice can be irritating and uncomfortable for children. Head lice spread easily to others, so it’s important for families to help prevent and control its spread. Outbreaks are more common following vacations. To prevent head lice:

  • Please check your child’s head every week for lice
  • Teach your child not to share head gear (i.e. hats, hair, accessories, scarves, helmets, combs)

If you would like more information on head lice and treatment the school has copies of the advice from Interior Health or go to www.interiorhealth.ca Students should remain at home until treatment is complete and the school would appreciate it if parents do keep us informed off any incidences so the class and/or grade can be told to check.

 And finally…

Congratulations to Michael Ryu, Grad Class of 2011, who is the recipient of the Governor General’s Bronze Medal, awarded to the student in each secondary school across Canada who gains the highest percentage in their Grade 11 and 12 courses. Michael is studying Science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton with a view to go into Dentistry after gaining his Bachelors degree.

 Congratulations to Danika Hammond who has been selected to be a Brand Ambassador for World Vision; she’ll be organising the next 30 Hour Famine at school. She has also been selected to attend the Forum for Young Canadians in Ottawa in March.