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Outdoor Education & Sports

Outdoor Education

The West Kootenays offer Lucerne School students a whole host of learning experiences that provide them with skills that they will use in this region throughout their lives. Due to the commitment of staff to using this learning environment, outdoor learning is a large part of what makes our school.exceptional.  Outdoor Education is taught to Grades 7-12 within the Thunder Mountain Outdoor Leadership Education Program with Gary Parkstrom. Students are given some choice in the modules for the year which include First Aid, Mountain Survival Skills, Canoe and Kayak skills, Mountain Biking and Parks and Recreation Management. In addition, several of the immersion Into Learning weeks the activities planned are canoeing, backpacking, archaeology, ethnobotany and skiing.

In the elementary school students embark on field trips to see salmon spawning,  they study the lakeshore environment , they snowshoe and cross-country ski, they bike tour our region, they take annual multi-day canoe trips on Slocan Lake and they visit a variety of ecosystems in our area.  Our school garden and greenhouse also offer ongoing hands on education and exploration of which most teachers make use as well as our after school garden club. Our elementary students all participate in downhill ski lessons in the winter.


School Sports

At Lucerne school a variety of sports are offered. Volleyball, basketball and soccer teams play each year. After school karate is very popular and runs twice a week as well as dance classes for all ages. We also have a cross-country ski club,  a cross- country running club and host community soccer  until age 14.  We have introduced archery into the PE curriculum. Once a week, the entire school takes part in a fitness session together.  Our highschool students begin every day with physical education and our staff are amazing role models for athletics and fitness.