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International Students

Lucerne School welcomes international students.

Lucerne School has a history of hosting students from all over the world. We share our school, our community and our beautiful environment with young people who want to gain a true Canadian experience.

In 2009-2010 Niko Gallas from Munich, Germany studied with us in Grade 11. He particularly enjoyed the Outdoor Education, Fitness and PE electives and took part in all of our curricular visits to the local ski hill, to Adams River and to Glacier National Park.

Katharina Zoeschg from Meran, Italy joined us in Grade 12 for Semester 2 in February. She joined the Social Justice 12, Biology 12 and Outdoor Education classes amongst a full time table. She enjoyed visiting Victoria and the Spring into Learning canoe on Slocan Lake.

Past students from Japan and South Korea have made arrangements on their own to attend Lucerne and join the community with great success.

Rumi Nakabayashi and Sawako Yoshida, from Japan, graduated from Lucerne School in 2008. Here they are on the night of the graduation banquet with Sawako’s host mother, Elly Scheepens. Sawako says, “I am so glad I spent my three years of high school in New Denver. It is an incredibly beautiful place, filled with lovely people – the perfect place for an English immersion experience.”

Kelly and Jenny, from South Korea, attended Lucerne School in 2008-2009. They particularly enjoyed the week-long elementary school canoe trip on Slocan Lake.

If you are interested in attending Lucerne School as an international student do contact us straightaway. There are fees for students coming from abroad and students must have a study visa so there is much forward planning to do before a student arrives. Rest assured, they will have a fantastic experience whether a few months or for a year.