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Immersion Weeks

*Immersion Weeks (Previously Into Learning)

For 2014-2015 the secondary program is going to build on its strong reputation in the region for providing innovative ways of learning. We are going to expand our ‘Into Learning’ weeks which we have run for the last twelve years; students will have the opportunity to partake in 6 Immersion Weeks that are tied into core academic subjects, combining project based learning with experiential learning.

During ‘Into Learning’ weeks, the secondary school was able to offer a broader range of courses than a linear or semester schedule allowed in a small school. Having gained Board approval, students will gain credits for graduation. In past years, students followed course that got them to canoe on Slocan Lake, Little Wilson Lake and Beaver Lake, they went to see Bard on the Beach in Vancouver, they learnt to dance, they hiked up to Mount Brennan and New Denver Glacier, they cooked fancy desserts and they built small motors. These weeks were highly popular.

With an expansion to six weeks of immersion electives, the timetable during the remainder of school based learning time will blend seminars, tutorials, home room lessons and independent learning sessions. During these blocks students will gain more responsibility to plan their own learning schedules and become strong independent learners. They will also have opportunities to develop their digital communication skills, their ability to think critically and their ability to collaborate with others.

Students who want to follow strong academic pathways for university entrance will have the opportunity to choose from an array of Humanities and Science courses through the FLC. They will also participate in high-level thinking seminars with teachers which will push their ability to evaluate and analyse to a higher level.

The six weeks of immersion planned for 2014-2014 are: sustainable resource economies, local artisans, back-country skiing and work experience, writing and the dramatic arts, cob oven construction, and paddling.