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Harvest Festival

This popular annual event invites the school and wider community to celebrate our community’s love of gardening and nature, and share produce from our school garden. Similar to a traditional fall fair, we display our biggest, strangest and most beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables of the season and taste each other’s baking, breads, jams and pickles. We visit with our favourite local farm animals, share fall artwork and poetry, play games, dance and press apples into delicious juice. As we clean up the garden for the winter, we harvest all that’s left and the cooking team prepares amazing “stone soups” to share with all at the end of the festival. The Harvest Festival is a wonderful community celebration at one of the most stunning and happy times of year, when pantries are full, trees are red and we prepare for a wonderful winter season.

Writers Festival

Our annual Writers Festival occurs in April and involves all our students. Writers from across Canada work with all our classes and develop the talent in our young writers. The school has strength in literacy as proven by district and provincial assessments but is evident in the popular Writing class in the secondary school. The grass roots movement of literacy talent is fostered at the Writers Festival. Over the past years Stuart Ross, Murray Kimber, Nikki Tate, Richard Van Camp, Caroline Woodward and Ian Weir have all spent time in our school. The showcases for the festivals are the Coffee Houses when students and guest writers present their work to a packed audience at Silverton Memorial Hall.

Arts Festival

The Arts Festival also takes place in April, either coinciding with the Writers Fest or taking part in alternate years. Held at the Silverton Gallery, community artists teach Lucerne students their various specialties. The artists include Virginia Boyd, Kaitlan Murphy, Jeremy Down, Mary Fulkco and Karen Forsyth who teach photography, pottery, car painting, and fly tying, respectively, to high school students. Elementary workshops with artists Donna Hicks, Anita Dummins, Penelope Stuart, Betty Fahlman, Eloise Charet, Elly Scheepens also make this festival a resounding success.

Science Fair

Every two years, Lucerne students show their amazing science investigations  off to an amazed audience. Each year showcases terrific experiments, innovative theories, and dedicated scientific research. We have had fire breathing, sleep potions, taste testing, frog dissections and even bee keeping demonstrations.