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Innovative Programs -Past and Present

School on a Bus

In September 2011 the whole of the secondary school, students, teachers and principal, clambered aboard the school bus and headed east through the Rockies to the Badlands of Drumheller in Alberta. Knowing that our school could indeed fit in one bus a week of curricular learning activities was planned to engage students in a very different learning environment. Through the Rockies and along the Red Deer valley students saw for themselves the mountain building from 65 million years ago and the discovery of dinosaurs in sedimentary rock, they explored the 6000 year old history of the Blackfoot nation at Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump and they touched on the mining township tradegy of the Frank Slide in 1903. Our Aboriginal learning experience was rounded off by a stay at St.Eugenes Mission, a residential school that closed as recently as 1970 near Cranbrook. Read the blog http://smashingbackthroughtime.wordpress.com/

Spring & Fall Into Learning

Every year our school offers special programs:
Spring Into Learning, and Fall Into Learning.

From Pottery to Multicultural Cooking, from Alpine Hiking to Hip Hop Dance, our Into Learnings are a hit with students and teachers alike. Each fall and spring we offer four or five new opportunities for learning outside of the regular classroom. Relevant, rich, and steeped in passion for learning across the fine arts, applied skills and outdoor education areas, our Into Learnings make Lucerne school rock!

Aboriginal Education for All

All students partake in Aboriginal Education programs, regardless of their ancestry or heritage. With an Aboriginal Support Teacher based in the school this year we have had many visitors in elementary classrooms, showing students how to weave and enacting the oral traditions of story telling. Our intermediate students learnt to make drums and took them, along with the rest of the elementary students, to the National Aboriginal Day events in Nakusp to have their drums blessed. Our secondary students engaged in Art projects with Aboriginal educators and also in Aboriginal Non Fiction Information Circles. More of our students are self-identifying their Aboriginal ancestry and feeling proud to have a connection to the First Nations of Canada.