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Homework Club

Homework Club


Dear Parents/Guardians of Secondary School Students:


In response to a recent PAC request, and in conjunction with the New Denver Youth Center Pizza Night, Lucerne staff have graciously donated their time to provide a Homework Club on Tuesday afternoons from 3-5pm. This is to allow out of town students to stay in a supervised and safe area, as well as to allow additional time for work completion, prior to the Youth Center opening at 5PM for their Pizza Night.


While there are staff supervising students at the school from 3pm – 5pm, there are also set criteria for Homework Club time. It is a time for work completion. Access to school computers will be allowed, for school work. Students are expected to bring work, and to stay on task. The supervising teacher will be available to answer questions. Also, it is expected that students conduct themselves with appropriate behavior, being respectful of staff, other students, property, and themselves. It is not an exclusively social time; as such, if students are not agreeing to abide with the expectation of work completion and respectful behavior, they will be asked to leave, with notification to their home.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the LESS office.

thank you!