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February PAC Minutes 2012

PAC Minutes


Present: Elaine, Carla, Natasha, Vince, Bihn, Matthew, Alison, Angie, Terry, Carol, Anita, Beth, Paula, Theresa and Analisa.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

MOTION to approve the December meeting minutes. Seconded by Anita. All in Favour. CARRIED.

School Trustee’s Report (Carol Bell)

  • The board is continuing to focus on hiring a school Superintendent. The interview process will take place March 1 & 2 and five applicants have been invited.
  • Currently there are changes being made to the Scholarship Policy Committee and it is ready for adoption.
  • A committee has been struck to work on the Social Media Policy.
  • School Calendar Committee – People have been chosen to be in the committee to discuss and plan the next school year.

Principal’s Report (Natasha)

  • Natasha asked PAC if Board Chair Patti Adam can come to the next meeting to talk to PAC about a balanced school year. PAC agreed.
  • Report cards are coming up soon and will be the same format as last November. Contact Natasha for more information regarding report cards. Report card dates:
    • February 10 for Secondary students (only Grade 12‘s reports will contain percentage marks); and
    • March 16 for Elementary students (will contain subjects and attendance).
  • New Elementary School Counsellor: The school had advertised for an elementary school counsellor and recently hired Ashley Barker to come in 1 day per week at Lucerne. Role of counsellor: “pro social skills”, reduce anxiety, self management skills and stress management.
  • February 29 – National Pink Shirt Day which will focus on anti-bullying. Plans are in the works for related activities in class.
  • February 20 at 7 pm – Natasha is hosting a greenhouse meeting and all are welcome to attend. Natasha is looking for a team to decide how to use the school greenhouse. Students can use the greenhouse for science units. The greenhouse is also open to the community and can perhaps be used for ‘evening classes’.

Treasurer’s Report (Anita)

Not much to report as there was not much happening after our PAC meeting in December. Five cheques were written since the last meeting. Account summary passed around at the meeting.

Old Business

CBT youth grant – Youth Centre (Beth)

The youth centre is starting its paperwork to form as a ‘non profit society. Beth is currently sending a name request and filling out paperwork. Initial setup is costing money and Beth does not want to get into the habit of paying out of pocket upfront. She asked if PAC could loan the amount until the society has officially formed.

MOTION by Theresa: to loan initial processing fees towards the youth centre to be reimbursed at a later period by the society. Seconded by Anita. All in favour. CARRIED.

Anti-bullying – Social Inclusion Program Discussion – February 23 @ 6:30 pm

PAC discussed social inclusion program. Parent Matthew Fry, who has experience with the social inclusion program as a teacher at Waldorf, will lead discussions with parents/adults and create a space for dialogue. Terry Taylor expressed interest in being involved. The goal is to get parents involved in strategies, and talk openly about bullying. Natasha said she would like to invite teachers to this event. Paula will send out a note to invite teachers and parents.

Hot Soup Program

There is an amount surplus of $438. More volunteers are always appreciated says Natasha. Please see Paula if you want to help serve soup.

New Business

Supporting Lucerne Students

Lucerne student Danika Hammond has been invited to spend one week at Parliament Hill as part of the Forum for Young Canadians. Danika has written a letter to PAC to ask for funding part of her costs for her participation in this event. Natasha said she had pledged part of the $2000 Community Links fund to go towards Danika’s costs, thinking it was for the school. It turns out that the fund is actually for PAC. MOTION by Angie: to give $200 in support of Danika’s travel costs. Seconded by Theresa. All in favour. CARRIED.

MOTION by Beth: To fund two Lucerne students so they can attend the after school dance program that runs until March. The amount is $140. All in favour. CARRIED.

Correspondence from BCTF

Paula had a discussion with Paula Rogers in regards to talking to PAC members and giving them the teachers’ perspective on the current job action.  BCTF correspondence pamphlets were made available at the meeting. Paula says she can also take questions ‘as a PAC’ via email or phone calls.

Other Business

School Growth Plan (Natasha)

The SPC has finalized the school growth plan. The plan (document passed around at the meeting) focuses on the school’s achievements for the year and rationale on how to achieve goals. This year’s plan has three main goals and targets all students at Lucerne: 1) to improve literacy; 2) to improve numeracy; and 3) to support students in their emotional/social/physical well-being. The school growth plan needs to be ratified by PAC.

Foundation Skills Assessments (FSAs) and Chapters Grant (Terry Taylor)

FSAs are happening this week. FSAs focus on assessing where the students are at in their learning. Terry worked with Grade 7‘s this week and are a “fabulous group of young people”. Terry is looking forward to working with Grade 4‘s next week.

The Chapters Grant awarded Lucerne School $18,000 towards book purchases for the school library. The last order was placed was in the amount $4400. Terry wants to plan a celebration the week of April 23 and feature the new books.

Next meeting: March 7, 2012 at 4:30 pm.