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End of Year Newsletter 2012

Principal’s Greeting

            Over the last month many people have said to me “Congratulations!” because I’d  passed my citizenship test and this week I took part in the ceremony to become a Canadian citizen. In preparing for the test I learnt a lot about Canada’s history, geography, constitution and culture, although I was never asked about Bob and Doug McKenzie in the test despite one of my colleagues telling me I needed to know about 80s TV programs!

            I also learnt that as a Canadian citizen I would have rights but also responsibilities to carry out and in reflecting on this I realize that this is similar to school life for students. Our students have a right to come to school, being treated fairly, being safe and being able to learn. My colleagues and I work hard to make sure that the learning environment we provide our students is thorough, stimulating and inspiring and our school is recognized by other educators as a model for learning in the region. Likewise, we have seen many of our students take on responsibilities for making our school community strong and I would like to thank these students who have stood up and made a difference this year. Have a great summer everyone!

 Staff News for 2012-2013

            Sylvia McDonaugh, one of our essential members of the learning assistance team has taken the plunge and decided to retire. Syl graduated from Lucerne in 1969 and when we talk about hoping that our grads will be role models to students they leave behind, we can see this epitomized in Syl as she has been a role model to our students every day.  Syl has dedicated her career to the children of Lucerne and has been such an integral part of this school that she will be sorely missed.

            Katrina Sumrall has recently been recognized by the Board of Education for 30 years service to School District 10 – congratulations Katrina and thank you for the tremendous work you do for our students!

            We are busy looking for a teacher to teach English 7/8 and English 9 classes as well as some elementary prep so there should be a new face in September.

 Elementary class configurations for 2012-2013 and rooms

Based on current enrollment predictions the elementary school will be made up of three home rooms in September:  Kindergarten with Ms. Rachelle Champagne upstairs in room 129, Grades 1, 2, &3 with Ms. Heather Jenkins in room 131 , and Grade 4, 5&6 with Katrina Sumrall in room 132. Please note however that if there are significant changes in September to enrollment these configurations could change.

 Supply lists

Supply lists are in elementary report cards and available on the website. Secondary students also need to have supplies for class and should have with them:

           Pens, pencils, coloured pencils, glue sticks, binders, loose lined paper, graph paper, scissors, ruler, scientific calculator and protractor

 All students should change for PE and have indoor shoes suitable for PE lessons in the gym. Flip flops and ‘holeys’ are not suitable for sport.

 And finally…

School starts again on Tuesday, September 4th at 9am. It will be a half day for everyone and the school bus will have its usual run.

 Dates for 2012-2013

August 29 District Wide NI Day
August 30 School Based NI Day
September 4 Schools Open
October 8 Thanksgiving
October 19 Provincial Pro-D
December 21 Schools Close for Winter Vacation
December 24- Jan 4 Winter Vacation
January 7 Schools Re-Open          
February 15 NI Day
February  11* Change Family Day
March 15 Last Day before Spring Break
March 18 – 29 Spring Vacation
March 29 Good Friday
April 1 Easter Monday
April 2 Schools Re-Open
April 19 NI Day
May 17 NI Day
May 20 Victoria Day
June 27 Last Day of Classes