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Fundraising and Volunteers

About Slocan Lake Early Learning Society

Our school is sponsored by the Slocan Lake Early Learning Society (SLELS), a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Most of the volunteers are parents of the nursery school children. Operational funding is provided through school fees and fundraising. Occasional special projects have been funded by different grants. Donations are also accepted.
If you would like to get involved whether as a board member or fundraising, please email SLELSBoard@gmail.com.

Why fundraising?

Fundraising is necessary, as nursery school fees do not cover our operating costs. It can also be fun to work with other parents and get to know them. Parent participation is required and a deposit of a fundraising fee will be given in the form on two post-dated cheques at the beginning of the school year. The cheques will be in the amount of $125.00. Each parent will sign up for fundraising events and volunteer in the equivalent of 12 hours each in the Fall (September to December)  and in the Spring (January to June). Parents are responsible for keeping track of their fundraising hours in a form of a ‘passport’ that will be given to them upon registration. Passports are submitted in January and June. In the event that parents are unable to fulfill their fundraising duties, their post-dated cheques will be cashed (mid-January 15 and/or mid-June).

If you have any further ideas on fundraising, please contact us.

Community Involvement

The Nursery School has a lot of community volunteer input and welcomes all community member to become involved.

We feel fortunate to receive recognition and donations from community businesses, service clubs and organizations. Thank you to local businesses and groups for their continued
support of the nursery school.
If you’d like to become volunteer for the nursery school, please contact us.