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December 2013 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

A Season of Sharing

The holiday season is upon us and as the advertising forces are out to lighten our wallets of their excess, here at Lucerne we are helping reinforce in our students the value of sharing with others. As the students prepare to perform for the community at the Winter Concert, and contribute to our Christmas Sharing Box, as they volunteer at fairs and, hopefully, pitch in to help around the house, we hope they will feel the warmth that comes from helping others.

 “Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.”            –James M. Barrie

Our most recent school Satisfaction Survey identified that 9% of Grade 7 and 6% of Grade 12 students felt bullied. While these numbers are reassuring, as a school our aim is that 0% of students report feeling bullied, and 100% reporting that they feel safe at school.

For more information please contact;



Please help us keep our students safe and warm by sending them with proper clothing for any weather. Also, please do not have your child bring skis, snowboards, GTs or “no-boards” as the metal edges can cause injury. Elementary students will need snow pants if they wish to play in the snow.

Winter Concert

This year we are having a Drama/Dance workshop for immersion week students at Lucerne which will lead into our Winter Concert performance. To help bring these two events together we will be scheduling our Winter Concert differently. Instead of the last Thursday before the Winter Break, it will be scheduled for the last Tuesday before the Break (December 17th). Please pencil this into your calendars.

Student council

This year’s Student Council will be made up of two Class Representatives from each division (Primary/Intermediate, Middle, and Secondary). Elected Representatives this year are;

Primary: Hannah and Amelie

Intermediate: Sylus and Charlotte

Middle: Jewel and Alick

Secondary: Ethan and


Aboriginal Education Program Update

This year as part of the Aboriginal Education program there will be a number of cultural workshops offered to all students at Lucerne. We had our first event on November 15th, when Ganishka-Silver Fox-Dann brought her Grandma/Grandpa Workshop to the primary classes. She also did a drumming workshop in the grade 4/5/6 class.  Students enjoyed Ganishka’s stories and puppets, as well as her warm, gentle, way of sharing her history and Aboriginal experience in Canada.

Exciting news- we have received funding from ArtStarts and Growing Innovations to proceed with “Project of Heart” after the winter break. Many classes will be participating in “Project of Heart”, which is an inquiry based, collaborative, inter-generational, artistic journey of seeking truth about the history of Aboriginal people in Canada. Students across Canada have participated in this program and as this is the Year of Reconciliation, we feel it is important that students in District 10 take part in this conversation. Please see the websites http://www.projectofheart.ca/  and http://reconciliationcanada.ca/ for more information.

If you have any questions about the Aboriginal Education program please contact me at Signy.Fredrickson@sd10.bc.ca.

-Signy Fredrickson



Wed, Dec 4th, PAC Meeting (6:30)

Thu, Dec 5th, Grad Committee Meeting

Fri-Sun, Dec 6th-8th, Christmas by the Lake

Mon, Dec 9th-13th, Drama/Dance Immersion Week

Tue, Dec 17th, School Winter Concert (7:00)

Wed, Dec 18th, KSCU Breakfast (all students)

Sat, Dec 21-Jan 5 Winter Break