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December 2012 Newsletter

Principal’s Greeting

Where is winter? We are all ready: the wood is stacked, the yard is cleared of the remains of the summer growth, the skis and the snowshoes have been located from storage but there is something missing. Snow! The winter lovers amongst us are chomping at the bit to get outside in -100C temperatures while some of us are happy to have extra time on autumn activities. Whatever the reason for the delay, one thing is true – the sense of anticipation for winter is escalating and correspondingly, the excitement for the school holidays is also growing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up to fresh snow on the first day of the school holidays, Saturday, December 22nd?! Whatever you plan to do for the festive season, do enjoy it and get outside a bit even if the temperatures are low.          

 PAC and the SPC (School Planning Council)

The next PAC meeting will be on Wednesday, 5th December at 4.30pm. All parents are members of PAC and are welcome at the meetings.

At the past PAC meeting members of the SPC were elected. Bobbi-Jo Oldham, Julia Greenlaw and Sandra Kleiss (parent members) along with Paula Rogers (teacher member), Cypress Hunder-Rookes (student member) and Natasha Miles (principal) are the members of the SPC for the current school year and have the responsibility of writing the school growth plan. Last year’s goals were to improve student achievement in reading, in numeracy and to support students’ emotional, social and physical health. If you have any ideas you wish to share on strategies to continue to improve student achievement please talk to one of the members who represents your group. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, December 18th.

 Festive Elementary Concert

On Thursday, December 20th at 7pm the elementary school will present to guests a festive concert to wrap up 2012. Each class will have a short performance to present and there will also be dance, musicians and perhaps some song to warm us all up ready for the holidays. All are welcome.

 Christmas Hampers

The Community Christmas hampers have been prepared and decorated by the Grade 4/5/6 class.

They are coloured showing the five school teams’ finery and all students are encouraged to bring at least one item that is packaged food or a new small toy. Unfortunately we cannot accept any fresh food nor any home canned fruits or vegetables.

 Student Council News

The student council have planned two school spirit events for December so far: on Friday, December 7th they will be organising the school teams to make tree decorations for the entrance hall way tree and on December 14th they have designated PJ day and would like everyone to dress up in their PJs.

 And finally…

…our girls’ volleyball team, made up of juniors and seniors, has had a great season and have really shown a commitment to each other. Their skills have also improved in leaps and bounds. Thank you to Sadye Butler for being their coach, to Lauren Smith the team’s staff sponsor and to parents for driving students to the games.