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December 2011 Newsletter

Principal’s Greeting

2011 saw the world’s population reach seven billion in October. It only took 12 years to add this extra billion from 1999 while it took 199 years according to UN data to go from one billion to six billion. These numbers are hard to imagine but when we consider we meet and greet about 550 neighbours in New Denver in the course of a week’s activity we can get a sense of how small the place we live in really is. Despite our smallness we can still make a difference to people far away who we will never meet, let alone ever get a chance to know. Our student council are looking into a fundraiser for World Vision who work to improve child well-being and to serve people around the world regardless of religion, race, gender or ethnicity. At this festive time it is worth considering one way in which each of is can make a difference to someone in need whether they are close to home or far away. After all, there are seven billion precious lived on this planet to care for now!

An Invitation to an Evening of Winter Crafts and Festive Cheer

On Thursday December 15th from 6.30pm to 8.30pm we are holding an Evening of Winter Crafts and Festive Cheer at the school for elementary students and their families. Secondary students are encouraged to attend and provide help or support to the younger students, but they should note that the activities will have an elementary focus to them. There will be activities such as cookie decorating, making crackers, creating table decorations and gingerbread making. At 7.30pm in the library anyone who wants to sing a tune or two can join in with some seasonal songs. Please bring along a plate of savouries or sweets to share and this will be set up in the student lounge area.

End of Year Breakfast Feast

On Friday, December 16th secondary students are invited to a tasty, filling breakfast at 9.30 cooked by their very own teachers. At the time of going to press we are not sure what the ensuing activity will be but we will be getting together with the secondary students on Friday, December 2nd to lay down a plan.

Christmas Sharing

At school this month we will contribute once again to the Community Christmas Hampers with our own Christmas Sharing. In the school office we have hampers for food items, new toys, games or cash donations. We cannot accept home canned goods, fresh fruit or vegetable or used toys.  Our deadline for offerings is Friday, December 16th.


The next PAC meeting will be on Wednesday December 7th at 4.30pm. All parents are welcome to attend.

After School Activities

After school activities that are currently running are:

  • Floor Hockey on Wednesday with Mr. Parkstrom
  • Science and Math Homework club on Monday with Mr. Bardati
  • Katrina’s Homework Club for Grades 5-7 on Monday and Wednesday

Other than these organised group activities or when an individual student arranges to stay behind to meet a member of staff, students must not stay in the building after school is finished for the day. This is a liability issue for the school and the school district. Our custodian is not here to supervise students.

 And finally…

School starts again on Monday January 2nd 2012 not Tuesday as by returning one day early from the New Year holiday we can make up a two week Spring Break in March. The January newsletter will be distributed on Friday, January 6th.