Our Educators

Committed to making Lucerne a great school, we love our job of providing meaningful learning opportunities for all students!

Nicholas Graves ~ Principal

Elementary Teaching Staff:

Heather Jenkins
Heather has taught in BC and Alberta for many years and now joins us after five years of teaching at Nakusp Elementary School. She hails from Nelson and loves this part of the world more than any other. She brings both her passion for the outdoors and for knitting to our school. She teaches the Grade 2/3 class this year.

Katrina Sumrall

Katrina is our Grade 4/5/6 teacher this year. She values the outdoors as a learning experience for students. Her class is fortunate to have seasonal outdoor adventures and is the school’s recycling team. Many activities happen at our school with Katrina’s assistance, including graduation celebrations.

Chelsea Lada 

Chelsea Lada joins us as the K/1 teacher after teaching Grade 1 for three years at an international school in Beijing, China.  Chelsea is from Vancouver Island and holds a Bachelor degree in Elementary and Environmental Education from Simon Fraser University.  She is looking forward to exploring and learning in outdoors with her students this year.

Signy Fredrickson

This year Signy shares her time between the 2/3 class, the 4/5/6 class . She enthusiastically shares her love of science with our 2/3 students. Signy will also be working in the Secondary school teaching Math & Science with the grade 7 & 8 students. She is also working as the Aboriginal Education Support this yea.

Kristin Kipkie ~ Learning Resource Teacher

Secondary Teaching Staff:

Gary Parkstrom
Gary teaches secondary school Social Studies and Fitness. He has a Masters degree in Physical Geography. Weekends in the winter he can be found back country skiing high up in the Kootenays while in the summer, he hits the mountain bike trails.



Patti Sebben
Patti teaches Foods, Graduation Transitions and Work Experience. Her great interests outside the school day are dance, art and gardening.



Richelle in Switzerland

Richelle Johnston

Richelle spent her first year of teaching at Nakusp Secondary School and is thrilled to be a continuing player on the Lucerne team this year. She teaches English and Fine Arts, and enjoys snowboarding. She has fallen in love with the Arrow and Slocan Lakes region and spends her spare time hiking and traveling with her (new!) husband and dog.








  • Chaez Johnsin ~ Education Assistant & Library Clerk
  • Barb Mark ~ Education Assistant
  • Kerry Heichert ~ Education Assistant
  • Eva Shandro ~ Program Assistant
  • Charlene Alexander ~ Strong Start Coordinator
  • Chiyoko Reitmeier ~ Secretary
  • Zave Reinhart ~ Custodian
  • Faye Fox ~ Bus Driver